Andrea Damuding: Confidence Behind the Camera

Cinematographer Andrea Damuding

While many are resistant to it, it can sometimes be a very positive. The unprecedented amount of creative content available for audiences these days has established current times as a golden age for storytelling, whether it be long or short form. Extraordinary artist like Andrea Damuding are a part of creating productions that range from film to commercials, music videos to fashion features, all because technology has removed the gate keepers whom used to decide what is available; now the public decides where greatness lies. Damuding is a director of photography who vacillates between many mediums but always imbues the productions he is a part of with his own brand of creative DNA; beckoning, captivating, and layered. As a leader in the modern industry, he is defining what it means to bring a visual personality to stories regardless of length or emotional tone. There is a fluid nature to what the camera sees when someone as imaginative as Andrea wields it.

  His work with the China based fashion brand AÍMER for the FW campaign fashion film is a perfect depiction of East meets West. As DP for this production which featured Victoria Secret Model Barbara Palvin, Giorgio Armani model Jason Morgan, and former Victoria Secret Angel Emily DiDonato, Damuding collaborated with famed photographer Zack Yue Zhang (frequent contributor to Harpar’s Bazaar US and China), Andrea established vastly different tones for the mens and womens lines of this luxury lingerie company. The La Clover commercial with Emily DiDonato was shot at the Castro theatre in San Francisco where the iconic movie theatre scenes from Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds was filmed. Barbara Palvin’s shoot involved her grabbing the camera flirtatiously for a 360-degree-spin. For the AÍMER mens line that featured Jason Morgan, Andrea states, “I wasn’t initially getting what I wanted to so I began observing the geometry of the location. I moved down to the bottom of the stairs by the pool and shot up using slow motion.” The resulting footage displays a power and gravitas which communicates graceful strength to the company’s male customer base. 

  Like much of his film industry peers, Andrea also works in commercials on a regular basis. Damuding has worked with producer Kenny Kunqi Li on a number of commercials. Ranging from the luxury electric vehicle company Karma Automotive’s conversion of a petrol taco truck to a fully electric one, Gorowingo’s water rower brand, or Pamatic Patio Heaters, these mini productions offer a major source of attraction for a professional like Andrea. He describes, “I started learning cinematography in order to shoot movies but I really enjoy the creativity commercials allow. They all have a story to tell and being a part of this tests my abilities on a regular basis. Commercials move quickly and you have to make decisions right away. It’s a wonderfully demanding situation to find yourself in.” This ethos is plainly evident in Damuding’s cinematography for Latin music artist Daryy’s “No Regresso” music video. Working with noted director/actor Francisco Restrepo Ramirez (of Amor mentiras y video and El Corazón del Océano), Andrea transformed a cramped apartment into the huge party scene which serves as the backdrop for this tale of betrayal. Having already received success on audio formats like Spotify, iHeartRadio, and Apple Music, a hit music video was crucial to bolstering the momentum of this Latin X artist. 

  Though he works behind the camera, Andrea Damuding is not so different than some of the most famous names who work in front of it. While there are certainly distinct actors and actresses who are known for a specific type, there are others who are renowned for molding themselves to a role; Meryl Streep, Daniel Day Lewis, and a handful of others. It is their ability to make the story itself great rather than focus the attention on themselves which serves the story so well and earns them the admiration of their peers. In the same way, Andrea’s devotion to bringing the best out in those whom he films and the stories portrayed is what makes him such a powerful collaborator and sought out professional amongst a global set of peers. From Chinese clothing lines with European supermodels to American based sports companies and Columbian singers, those who appreciate Damuding’s talent are truly cross all borders.

Writer: Coleman Haan

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