10 Reasons for Choosing an Electric Fireplace

10 Reasons for Choosing an Electric Fireplace

As winter draws near, you have concluded that the time has come to choose a fireplace for your home. The warming advantages and natural lift that a chimney gives make certain to look much more appealing as the temperature drops and the snow starts to fall. Anyone looking to add a fireplace will eventually have to choose from one of these three options:

  • Electric fireplace
  • A traditional wood-burning fireplace (or wood stove)
  • A natural gas fireplace

An electric fireplace just makes more sense

Each choice has its undeniable benefits. For example, the best electric fireplace is much more profitable and requires little maintenance. On the other hand, the impressive technology of today’s electric fireplaces has yet to reproduce the delicious smell that only a lit log can produce. Furthermore, a petroleum gas chimney offers the accommodation of lighting a fire at the bit of a catch.  However, weigh the individual pros and cons of wood, natural gas, and electric fireplaces, with the latter emerging as the clear choice..

1. More affordable Electric fireplaces

The costs of adding a wood stove or fireplace to your home can quickly start to add up. There will be significant wall construction and masonry work, including the construction of a fireplace.

For natural gas fireplaces, it will be necessary to install gas and vents. Those are a lot of expenses before we even factor in the cost of the fireplace itself.

Electric fireplaces are a cheaper way to add the comforts of a fireplace to your home. Even high-end electric fireplace models will prove to be a more cost-effective solution than a wood-burning or natural gas fireplace setup.

There are two fundamental kinds of electric chimneys accessible:

Electric Fireplaces: Smaller than wall mount linear electric fireplaces, an electric firebox fits almost anywhere

Wall Mount Linear Electric Fireplaces: Can be hung directly on the wall or recessed into the wall for a cleaner look

2. Simple Installation of an electric fireplace

The coordination of introducing a flammable gas or wood-consuming chimney can get very muddled. This is what it may entail:

  • Building a fireplace
  • Have a chimney pit and a home built
  • Accommodate gas lines
  • Obtain building permits
  • Deal with messy and disruptive construction in your home

Installing an electric fireplace, however, is significantly easier and much less restrictive. Many electric fireboxes just plug into an electrical outlet – it doesn’t get any simpler than that! Other fireboxes and all wall mount linear electric fireplaces must be wired with 120V or 240V.

Even if you’re creating a larger-scale feature wall with a linear wall-mount fireplace, the work required simply doesn’t compare to what it takes to install a wood-burning or natural gas fireplace.

Rooms that traditionally couldn’t accommodate a wood-burning fireplace (like a bedroom or home office) can now do so with an electric fireplace. Those in lofts and apartment suites can likewise appreciate the advantages that chimneys give.

3. Don’t take up much space

Compared to a fireplace or wood stove, an electric fireplace creates a much smaller footprint within your room. A hanging electric fireplace will only stick out 6 “to 8” in a room. If it’s recessed into your wall, it will only require that deep space as well. The ease of installation with electric fireplaces also gives you much more flexibility in terms of where it can be located. With wood and natural gas fireplaces, your location will be tied to the limited areas available to install a fireplace or where gas lines can fit.

Underused corners of a room can be made more useful with the addition of an electric firebox. And an electric firebox mounted inside your entertainment unit or bookshelf also saves you space.

4. Electric fireplace is safe for us

The potential safety risks of having firewood burning inside your home are obvious. Wood-burning fireplace owners also have to worry about the dangers of inhaling smoke and ash, carbon monoxide poisoning, and fireplace fires. Anything that uses natural gas also carries inherent risk. Electric fireplaces are a much safer option and give you greater control over how your fireplace works. You will have no worries about the noxious gases and runaway fires that can potentially occur with conventional fireplaces.

Numerous models accompany a programmed shut-off highlight for a more serious level of security. And an electric fireplace will not pose the risk of anyone getting burned because the front glass stays cool when it is working. That’s an especially important safety feature if you have small children or pets.

5. There are many customization options

Both electric fire chambers and wall mount electric fireplaces offer a wide range of customization options to suit your design needs and tastes. An electric firebox comes with a variety of door sets and trims to choose from. They can also be paired with a fireplace mantel that comes in a variety of finishes. You also have the option of placing an electric firebox inside an entertainment unit under your television.

A direct divider mount electric chimney adds a considerably more modern chimney look to your home. They also offer a few different operational features and custom options (like the ability to insert a fireplace into a feature wall). Here are some of the other features that most wall mount linear fireplaces and electric fireboxes include:

  • Remote control
  • On-screen LED display for viewing temperature settings and functions
  • Thermostat controlled heater
  • Internal light logs and/or embers bed options
  • Authentic looking flame to create the illusion of real fire
  • Variable color themes

6. Electric fireplaces enhance and complement your home decor

Because electric fireplaces and fireboxes allow for so much customization, you’ll find that complementing your home decor becomes even easier. The design possibilities are almost limitless and you will appreciate the freedom that comes with combining your electric fireplace with the architectural and design style of your home.

Additionally, one way to deal with taking that plan to the accompanying level is to make a chimney stack divider. A lovely chimney divider can be made by putting a divider mount electric chimney inside your drywall or rich melamine framing. Coordinated Interiors has many melamine boards of different styles, surfaces, and examples to browse.

7. Cost-effective heating solution of an electric fireplace

By using supplemental heating (also known as zone heating), you can lower the thermostat and heat specific areas of your home that you will be occupying more often. That decreases your energy costs. You will find that electric fireplaces are a great supplemental heating solution.

If it’s cold in the house and you and the family are planning a movie night in a living room equipped with an electric fireplace, leave your home thermostat where it is.

After all, why heat the whole house when everyone is gathered in one room for several hours? Just set the fireplace thermostat to a comfortable level and enjoy the evening. Coordinated Interiors convey electrical fireplaces and fireboxes from the business chief Magikflame, which can warm rooms up to 1,000 square feet.

Wood and natural gas fireplaces lose between 50 and 70% of their heat, depending on several factors. However, an electric fireplace wastes little energy. And with the warmth on, electric chimneys just expense somewhere in the range of 14 and 18 pennies an hour to run.

8. Maintenance-free

The work needed to work and keep a wood-consuming chimney is huge.  You will need to make sure that you buy firewood or cut it yourself. Then you need to store it in a dry place and bring it indoors when needed. And of course, there is the messy ash and soot cleaning, as well as the requirement to clean the chimney every few years. All of this additional expense and maintenance time should be factored into your fireplace purchase decision.

Compare all of that to the virtually maintenance-free nature of an electric fireplace. The only cleaning required is to simply clean the front glass from time to time, as you would any other surface in your home. Occasionally, it may also be necessary to replace a fireplace light bulb. Other than that, your electric chimney shouldn’t need some other upkeep as it is worked to be dependable and sturdy.

9. Ecological Electric fireplaces

Wood-burning fireplaces consume valuable natural resources, are not energy efficient, and pollute the air. Natural gas burns cleaner, but it also consumes natural resources. Electric heating, on the other hand, only uses a small amount of electricity to run, has zero emissions, and is very energy efficient. When it comes to a domestic fireplace, it can’t get much more environmentally friendly than that.

10. The flames look like the real ones.

One concern with buying the best electric fireplace is that the flames they produce don’t look much like the real thing. Electric fireplace technology has come a long way in recent years and current models now produce the incredibly most realistic electric fireplace flames. Magikflame’s proprietary flame technology is the best in the industry. You will barely be able to tell the difference between a real flame and the flame produced by a Magikflame model.

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