Is a Vegan leather jacket the same as PU leather?

Leather products in their raw form have been used by humans for centuries. In the 1900s, leather jackets were usually worn by military personnel. Later in 1928, leather jackets were formally introduced in the fashion market. After that, they were not only perceived as a means for protection but became style statements as well. The reason that leather jackets gained popularity was due to their timeless style. In the 1960s, music artists started endorsing leather jackets which added to their popularity. Since then, leather jackets have evolved in their appearance, style, and even types.

Primarily, leather jackets are divided into two types. Genuine/ real leather and Vegan Leather. Vegan leather is also known as faux/ imitation/ bonded leather. When someone makes up their mind to buy a leather jacket, they are in for a lot of research. It is as a result of the fact that a leather jacket purchase is an expensive investment. However, if someone is looking for an affordable option, then they can opt for a vegan leather jacket. Having said that, affordability is not the only reason why people tend to choose vegan leather jackets. Some people make the purchase due to the belief system against animal cruelty, while others may not have any preferences. Both vegan and pure leather jackets can be purchased online at Wearostrich.

PU leather is a type of vegan leather. Any type of synthetic leather will fall under the category of Vegan leather. It could be either PU or PVC. PU leather jackets are a popular option for both men’s and women’s leather jackets. PU leather stands for polyurethane leather and is manufactured once a textile material is coated, or in other words, bonded with a plastic layer. The texture of PU leather material depends on a variety of characteristics such as the type of woven textile chosen or thickness of the plastic layer besides other factors. The reason why PU leather jackets are gaining popularity is that the appearances of these jackets are closest to real leather while being cost-effective. 

Although the appearance of PU leather is closest to genuine leather same is not the case when it comes to endurance. PU leather jackets are not as durable as real leather jackets. This is not limited to the type of purchase carried out for girls’ or boy’s leather jackets. Having said that, PU leather jackets are very light weighted as compared to real leather jackets. In addition to this, they are water-resistant to a greater extent and can be easily maintained or take care of.

Another type of Vegan leather jacket is a Polyvinyl or PVC leather jacket. They are derived from polyvinyl chloride. Since PVC leather jackets are known to cause an extreme environmental population compared to PU leather jackets, these are no longer as popular as other types of vegan leather jackets. Though they may not be popular in the clothing industry, they are still used in the automobile industry as seat covers. Furthermore, polyvinyl jackets are more prone to wear and tear, unlike their counterpart i.e. PU leather. Since PU is designed to be closer to real leather in its characteristic, PU leather jackets offer better durability i.e. PVC material cracks and peels more rapidly than PU material.

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