SWIR LED Guide for Beginner

SWIR LED is one of the most important technologies that we have today. This device allows us to do many things, which also can optimize several processes, especially the inspection process in the production and inventory part. Now, you must be wondering what a SWIR LED lamp is? Or, how it can help us in our activity? So, here, we have a simple explanation that you can use as a reference to find out more about this device.

What is SWIR LED?

SWIR LED is a lamp or lighting device. The most important part here is the SWIR part. It is short of Short-Wave Infrared (IR). Simply put, this is infrared light. Because it uses infrared light, you won’t be able to see it with naked eyes. The wavelengths of the light produced by this device are between 1,050 and 2,500 nm range. Your eyes can’t capture the light in this range.
However, this range is also the range of light wavelength that stays between the visible lighting and thermal lighting. Therefore, this lighting device also is useful for imaging purposes and needs, which can reveal the element that you can’t see with naked eyes. In short, you can see something hidden when you use this light on the object or surface where that thing was placed.

How This Light Made?

SWIR LED lamps are using three materials to build their structure, so sit can emit or produce infrared light. These three are Arsenide, Gallium, and Indium. They are also known as the InGaAs (Indium, Gallium, and Arsenide) technology. These materials have a lattice shape, which is necessary to capture the light in the SWIR wavelength. Other technologies are unable to do it as perfectly as InGaAs technology.

How Does It Work?

When you turn on the SWIR LED light, it will emit the light with the specific wavelength that we mentioned before. This light will penetrate the object where you point it out. The normal or visible light will be reflected by the object’s surface. And, the reflection will tell you the color of that surface. Therefore, we call it visible light, because you can see its result. The SWIR LED light is different.

The light from the SWIR LED lamp will penetrate the object surface to reach even deeper or the area behind the surface. Depending on the power you put on it, it will have various penetration effects within the wavelength range.
When the SWIR LED light penetrates the object surface, it will be reflected by the surface behind that. Therefore, you can see it through a specific device that produces the image of this reflection. The result is a see-through image.


As you can see, this technology is not simple. SWIR LED is an innovative technology that can be applied to many things. The most essential part of this technology is its low energy consumption. Therefore, it is a perfect solution for the future, where we have to save more energy to save our Earth.

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