4 Reasons Directional Drilling is Best for You

Horizontal directional drilling over recent years has largely become the industry standard for below-ground pipe installation. It typically involves apre-determined path to install underground pipes, conduits, and cablesbeing dug by a surface-launched drilling rig. This is all done without disrupting surface land along the path. HDD has become a cost-effective, fast, and environmentally friendly method alternative to traditional trenching methods.

Directional Drilling Companies offer horizontal directional drilling solutions with full service included, for a wide variety of applications, including pipelines and underground utility installation. Read on to find out the positives horizontal directional drilling can bring to your next below-ground project.

Obstacles are not a problem

One of the great advantages of horizontal directional drilling is that areas that were previously inaccessible can now be bored. A wide variety of manmadeand natural obstructions, such as roads, railways, existing utility infrastructure, waterways and wetlands, can prevent traditional trench or excavation methods from being used.

This type of drilling uses a surface-launched drilling rig to dig deep underneath nearly any obstacle along the path. Consequently, horizontal directional drilling is one of the most effective solutions to install pipes in a majority of circumstances.

Environmental Disruption Kept to a Minimum

Horizontal directional drilling is an ideal solution when minimal surface disturbance is required. The heads of the drillers can bore underneath nearly any obstacle, including but not limited to deep rivers and treacherous swampland, while not having an effect on the surface for the length of the pipeline.

This is critical in operations where it’s vital to minimise the disruption done to the environment. Fragile ecosystems can also be saved when using this technique.When carefullyplanned and appropriate attention to detail is given, horizontal directional drilling can help your project minimize its environmental impact.

Safety is Top Priority

Traditional methods to lay underground pipework has many safety concerns.If there is an open trench, there could be a risk of something going wrong, wasting time and money while endangering your staff.

The unique approach of horizontal directional drilling minimizes any open trenches; instead of digging along the whole length of the pipeline, this process requires excavation only at the entrance and termination points. Minimal open holes mean reduced risk to workers and equipment, this makes horizontal directional drilling the safest choice for your project.

Cost Efficient, and Effective

In addition to the above benefits, horizontal directional drilling is one of the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for almost any drilling project. Compared to digging trenches, HDD is a much quicker solution for installation of cables underground, requiring smaller teams of staff and less disruption to natural landscapes.

Additionally, this type of drilling can help save your organization worksite construction and cleanup. Horizontal directional drilling only requires two small worksites on either side of the drilled hole.

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