Different types of cutting board

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When choosing the type of cutting board for your kitchen, you’ve to think of the knife. These go hand in hand; therefore, you’ve to give a serious thought as you make a decision on which to invest with. You’re not just looking for a barrier for your countertop, nope; you’re getting a cutting board that you can use for your chopping needs and a variety depending on what you need to do with it.

That means you may need more than one cutting board. 

Following are types of cutting boards you can choose for your kitchen.

Plastic cutting board

When plastic became an industrialized material, the plastic cutting boards were the trend. That made is so abundant at your disposal. One of the outstanding features of the plastic cutting board is that it is very affordable and dishwasher friendly. Now that its price is friendly, you can buy two or three at once, and that will significantly improve efficiency in your home. You can actually choose different colors for different food preparations, and that makes your work easier. 

However, you need to keep watch of the plastic cutting board so that if it’s deeply scarred, you replace it. That is to keep off bacteria that may want to grow in the knife scarred areas. The blade causes grooves that aren’t easy to clean and disinfect manually. During the drying part of the cutting board, avoid leaving it in the dishwasher- this may make it bend. Thus the knife may slip due to the unstable platform. Take it out after the wash cycle and allow it to dry. 

Wood-cutting board

The most famous cutting board the world over is wood, and that is for a reason. It’s such a durable and its classic look is unmatched. It can withstand heavy daily use. The wood makes this a safe tool and a smart financial investment. When making meat or fish, for instance, you need some sturdy and reliable surface, and the wooden cutting board is the perfect option for this. The cutting board provides the required stability and therefore helps prevent injuries. 

Research has also shown that the scratches made on the wooden boards are not harmful. Wood doesn’t attract dangerous bacteria and therefore, even if food particles accumulate over time, you’ve no cause for alarm. The reason for that is that the bacteria sink so far deep into the wood so that they cannot reproduce and ultimately die off. Better still, it’s easier to clean a wooden board than any other. 

A bamboo cutting board

The best alternative to a wooden carving board is the bamboo type. It’s an environmental-friendly alternative made of hard grass and a renewable resource that is sustainable and doesn’t need chemicals to be harvested. It’s not just a favorite for the environmentalists but the who’re health-conscious consuming public. The appearance is cool and stylish and doesn’t absorb liquids easily. That makes it hardy and therefore not prone to warping or cracking.

Before you purchase a cutting board, you must consider the material that is safe and durable. Wood for instance, is environmentally-friendly and can serve you for long. All you need is get a reliable online wood cutting boards’ vendor, and you can choose your perfect size and color.

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