Producer Annick Jaëgy brings on the holiday cheer with ‘A Stone Cold Christmas’

Most people think only of the glamour that comes with filmmaking; the lights, the camera, the action, as the saying goes. However, when finding oneself immersed in the latest superhero blockbuster or a heartfelt romance, it’s easy to forget the many hands that go into making that story come to life, and the leaders behind-the-scenes who work diligently and tirelessly for the sake of storytelling. 

Annick Jaëgy knows this well. As an internationally in-demand producer, Annick is a consummated storyteller. Her job is to try to understand, after reading the script or the project, where to go, who it may be of interest, what kind of budget can be obtained, and thus make the film an economic reality. It’s an immensely creative job, and one of the most pivotal in the world of entertainment. 

“The sparkle, the kick I get when I am on set, I see the story unfold and then just showing your work to your peers on a big screen, it all makes me believe I wouldn’t be able to do anything else. It’s my dream job,” she said.

Coming off the fresh success of her recent hit Senior Love Triangle, with a slew of awards and film festival shout outs, Annick has much to be proud of. She has worked on dozens of critically-acclaimed projects spanning across mediums and genres, from comedic musicals like That Frank all the way to the suspenseful thriller Left for Dead, working with many Hollywood icons, including Academy Award winner Mahershala Ali on Gubagude Ko.

For Annick, every project she embarks on has its own satisfaction, but working on a genre she loves is extra special, which was the case when she signed on as Associate Producer on A Stone Cold Christmas. As a lover of holiday movies, Annick was eager and excited to put her touch on the beloved genre.

Adopting the familiar take on the Christmas romance, A Stone Cold Christmas is the story of money-grubbing Mia Stone, who is forced to re-examine her past, present and future during a holiday encounter with a forsaken boyfriend. 

“I really enjoyed being a part of a project that focuses on and celebrates diversity. Diversity was the spearhead of the film, and I think that is important in a Christmas movie, a holiday that is celebrated all over the world,” said Annick.

Annick had never worked on a Christmas film before, and her attention to detail was critical. The film shot in the middle of summer but had to be disguised as winter for the audience. The team created snow, put up Christmas lights, and changed the season in front of their eyes. This was a meticulous task, and required her to provide help to other departments. She provided the cinematographer with a cool color lens filter and created a roadmap for the production design to explain what snow effects they were looking for. The Production Designer had never done such a job, so Annick helped through the entire process.

“Perfectionism is a curse, but attention to detail is a must. Attention to detail is the ability to see your work closely and point out key areas of improvement, even if it’s just slight adjustments. It’s doing things that the average person won’t notice unless they weren’t done, and even then, they wouldn’t be able to put their finger on what was missing. It’s worth noting that attention to detail is predicated on patience and focus. Paying attention to, and fixing the minor things is a difficult process,” Annick described.

A Stone Cold Christmas was released Sunday November 25th, 2018 on Bounce TV, a television network that offers programming aimed at African-Americans, the first TV movie for the popular network. It garnered an impressive 1.4 million viewers on its premiere night, and has been rerun on the network several times since, and was the subject of press articles from many sources to the film’s greater overall success.  It is also now available on Apple TV, Amazon/Brown Sugar, Starzplay, Now TV, and more.

Christmas is around the corner once again, and if you haven’t already, watch A Stone Cold Christmas.

Photo of AnnickJaëgyby William Christensen

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