How difficult is PgMP Certification? And ways to make it easy

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Program Management is a tough job. People engaged in Program Management carry massive amounts of responsibilities on their shoulders. Such professionals are responsible for managing many complex and large projects and programs in any organization. This is the reason why the PgMP certification is established by the PMI. By achieving this certification, the qualities of a person are validated, which are essential for Program Management.

This certification is mostly achieved by PMP certified professionals to boost their career in the future. But achieving this certification is not a piece of cake; rather, it’s even tougher than achieving PMP certification. To get this certification, one has to exhibit their effective work experience in the field of Program Management. Not only have that, but the aspiring Program Managers need to have the knowledge of all the principles of Program Management. In addition to that, there is a whole list of requirements to apply for this certification. This is the reason why there are only 3000 PgMP certified professionals all over the world.

All this information basically suggest that this certification should be achieved by the one who:

  • Has achieved the PMP certification and desires to achieve milestones in the Project Management and Program Management or wants to stick to the profession of Project Management.Has the intention to learn more principles to handle complex programs
  • Has the zeal to enhance their knowledge about Program Management

These are the basic reasons why people take an interest in achieving the PgMP Certification.

Understanding a bit about the PgMP Certification Exam 

Before allowing the aspirants to attend the PgMP certification exam, the PMI verifies the credentials of the aspirants. For the verification, the PMI has 2 phases of evaluation. First, the aspirants will have to demonstrate their experience of Program Management in front of a review panel. The jury members of the review panel will examine the experience of the aspirants. The required amount of experience that is asked for this certification is 15 years in Program Management. In this phase, the aspirants will be asked to give detailed information about their experience. They may get enquired by the jury, and as per their performance and validity of experience, they will be passed or rejected for the next phase of evaluation. 

The aspirants who get passed in the first phase will have to attend the next phase of evaluation. In the second phase of evaluation, the aspirants will have to give an MCQ exam related to Program Management, and after passing that exam, only one will become eligible to sit in the PgMP exam.

Ways to pass the exam with ease

Till now learned much about how difficult it is to achieve the PgMP certification, so here are some of the tips which will make it simple for the candidates to pass the PgMP certification. But before discussing all the tips and tricks, it is advised to the aspirants that this exam is a big thing. This is highly difficult, so the candidates should always use verified resources. Now let’s jump into the steps to ensure passing the PgMP exam.

Step-1 Being thorough with the “Standard of Program Management Guide.”

The Standard of Program Management is a well-known guide for Program Management, which consists of a number of tables and figures. These figures and tables comprise the key principles of Program management. in this guide, the candidates will find a well-designed summary of all the important topics and principles of Program Management. All they have to do is being thorough in all those tables and figures that consist of all the required concepts of Program Management.

Step-2-Principles should be learned from the PMBOK. 

In the PgMP examination, the candidates need to have a clear understanding of the principles of PMP. As the PgMP certification can only be achieved by those who have achieved the PMP certification, so there will be no issues for them to recall all the principles of PMP. Well, in order to recall those principles, the candidates must use the PMBOK and nothing else. 

Step-3-Learning from different resources 

The candidates must keep one thing in their mind that the Standard PgMP Guide is not the only source available. They should dig deep into each and every topic of PgMP. Even the PMI itself encourages the candidates to gain knowledge from resources other than the prescribed one. The candidates can go through the articles and blogs related to the PgMP. In fact, they will get the articles about PgMP from the PMI website. This will help them enhance the scope of their knowledge. And the more they will learn, they will get benefited more.

Step-4-The candidates should always learn by correlating concepts with reality.

Whatever the topic, concept, or definition may be, it is advisable for the candidates to learn by correlating each concept or topic with reality. This is a helpful method to learn and grasp any topic or concept faster. And such learning practices will enhance the practical thinking of the candidates.

Step-5- The PgMP Handbook is essential

Finally, the candidates should dig deep into the PgMP handbook. It consists of 41 pages, in which one can find all the important topics of the exam. In addition to that, the candidates will get details about the application forms and many important things that are essential for filling up the PgMP certification form.

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