How To Use Hair Oil

Hair oil—a product that too many of us are neglecting to us!

When we use hair oil we are giving our hair a chance to become shinier, healthier, and something that we absolutely love!

Hair oil has a range of benefits—with the two biggest being moisturizing and hydrating properties that equally protect your hair if you are using any heated styling tools on your head of hair.

But just like all the other hair care products, it is important to remember that not all hair is created equal. In fact, hair oil needs to be considered on an individual basis because there are a ton of variables that need to be considered when it comes to choosing and using hair oil on your own hair.

Here are all the things you need to know when it comes to using hair oil.

1. Oil is essential for healthy hair

On its own, our hair actually produces much of the oils needed to keep our hair healthy and strong. Without these natural oils, our hair would become our worst nightmare—dry and weak! Oil on our hair acts as a type of lubricator that ensures all the important parts of your hair remain moisturized and strong. But not all of us produce natural oils the same and need a little help from hair oil products. Think of it as a hair supplement—giving your hair what it isn’t producing enough of on its own. Your hair will feel nourished, loved, and will reward you for it!

2. Every head of hair can use hair oils

While the type of hair oil will vary from person to person, experts all agree that in general, every head of hair can benefit from getting an extra dose of love from hair oil products. No matter what type of hair you have, hair oil will give you an extra boost of shine and showcase your hair’s natural perks—like curls or waves. A pro tip to ensure the oils reach all of your individual hairs is to brush your hair after you apply it to your scalp, as it will ensure that each inch of hair gets the shine it deserves.

3. Think of it like you do skincare

To make it simple, think of your hair oil as another part of your skincare routine. It is a must-do moisturizing treatment that should be done regularly to see maximum results. For most hair oil products, you do the hair oil step first and tie your hair up. Then, once the hair has had time to use the steam from the shower, let your hair down and shampoo and condition afterward. Or do it in reverse, where the hair oil is the last step in your process before you blow-dry or style your hair. Either way, your hair will look and feel amazing afterward!

4. Less is more

A general rule of thumb is the less is always more when it comes to hair oil products. A little dollop can truly go a long way and make a big difference. So start with small drops and add more if needed. It is a much safer way to apply the hair oil than pouring too much and risking your hair being too oily!

5. Pick oils with essential oils in them

As always, natural ingredients are preferred! So use hair oil products that use natural and essential oils like grapeseed oil, cucumber oil, nut oil, shea oil, and rosehip oil. You’ll get a shiny result with minimal frizz.

Hair oil products are a simple addition to your hair care routine and an easy way to make your hair look great every day! 

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