Six Ways to Boost Productivity Using Technology

Have you ever heard the saying, “time is money?” When it comes to productivity in business, the adage is entirely true. The more efficient and streamlined your business is, the more time you’ll have for high-value, revenue-boosting tasks.

However, improving productivity is a constant challenge for many businesses. Fortunately, there are tools and programs that can help. Here are six effective ways to boost productivity using technology. 

Put Streamlined Central Systems in Place

Having the right tools in place is the starting point for improving productivity. No matter how efficient your people are, they’ll always be limited by the systems you have in place.

Look for tools that create centralization within the workplace. For example, cloud-based file sharing that ensures everyone can access the documents they need, whether they’re in the office or on the road. Look for applications that bridge the gap between departments, like HR and Accounting— this blog article about HR software talks more about that.

Putting the right systems in place helps reduce friction and boost productivity across the organization.

Cut Back on Emails

Emails are a huge time waster for modern businesses. It’s estimated that the average person spends 2.6 hours on email at work every day. That’s 13 hours of the average workweek. Furthermore, checking email causes a disruption in one’s workflow, further impacting their productivity levels.

For this reason, many businesses are using technology to block email programs throughout the day and setting designated email periods for their employees to check and respond. Not only does this cut back on time spent checking email, but it also contributes to building a company culture by encouraging people to pick up the phone and talk to their peers.

Use Video Messaging for Meetings

Rather than having your people travel around to take meetings, consider using video messaging. This can cut back on time spent traveling, as well as mitigating the expenses associated with each occurrence. 

Video conferencing is an effective way to bring remote teams together. You still get the same level of face-to-face interaction and presentation capabilities without the travel requirements.

Set Time Management Challenges

One of the best ways to improve productivity is through time tracking. In many cases, people aren’t aware of how much time they waste. Using time tracking tools like Harvest or ClickUp can help your employees be more in tune with their activities throughout the day.

You can make this productivity-boosting exercise more fun and engage by making a challenge out of it. Use an app like Forest to do team time tracking that sends a failure notice to everyone when someone ventures onto a blacklisted site. 

Automate Repetitive Tasks

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding automation in the workplace. However, automation isn’t replacing human workers; it’s giving them more time to work on high-value tasks. 

Consider employee scheduling, for example. This is a non-revenue building task that has to be done for the business to keep moving forward. However, having a manager spending hours on this task every week detracts them from improving systems elsewhere or seeking new income-generating opportunities. Using a system to automate scheduling will take that low-value, high-energy task off their list so they can focus their efforts elsewhere.

Outsource and Delegate Remotely

Technology has made it easier than ever to outsource and delegate. For simple tasks like creating graphics or putting together presentations, use a site like Fiverr or Upwork to hire a remote contractor to get it done. By doing so, you ensure that your team is focusing on the high-value tasks that fit their area of expertise.

Technology has revolutionized the way the world does business. By using it to your advantage, you can improve productivity— and profits— in your company.

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