How to convert youtube video to standard video

 We all know that social media has taken a massive turn in our lives. Not only that, there are some compelling social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram, which have created havoc in the online industry. Now there are all the brands which are wanting to do digital marketing, and why not? The research of the digital is six times the reach of offline marketing. Moreover, the cost involved in digital marketing is way cheaper than the price involved in offline marketing.

Are you someone who loves YouTube as a platform? Do you keep trying your hands out on different activities related to YouTube on the platform? If yes, then congratulations, you are one step closer to convert YouTube video to the regular videos out there. Streaming videos is one of the most effective ways to get onto consume the media when there is limited access to any reliable source of the net out there. There could be times that in trains or subways, the loss doesn’t work, and you end up regretting not able to download the video.

 The format to download the video is of extremely premium quality and is also space-efficient to a great extent. The speed also is of great use. For example, an average length TV show can easily be downloaded in the HD, which will be of the length 350-400 Mb, whereas a full normal length movie can be easily downloaded of a normal standard length of 800 Mb to 3.2 Gb, which all depends on the quality. YouTube is like a mixed bag which provides both small and large videos to download. The video can be as small as 300 MB or as big as 5 Gb. All this varies depending on the content.

Convert the YouTube videos to the MP4 with the help of a VLC Media Player:

Generally, there are many people out there who prefer using the VLC Media player, and that seems the best and simple to use. It includes a number of features. The basic instructions on how to use a VLC to actually save YouTube Videos in the format of Mp4:

 1. The user is first expected to save the URL of the video which you want to convert. Another option the user has to download the video. Make sure to get this point straight, that YouTube is a hub of videos and one while searching can literally go lost about it. Hence, at first, it is totally fine of the user ends up taking a little extra time but deciding the right video to be downloaded.

2. Then the user is expected to open up the VLC, which is one of the very common platforms, and select the option of ‘Media.’ 

 3. Then the user is expected to open up the Capture device, which is a special option, and then finally select in ‘Network’ to proceed further.

 4. Once the user is done with this, all he or she has to do is to place the URL into these Network boxes of URL.

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