How to choose the best action camera?

For those who enjoy outdoor adventures, sports, fun and travel, action cameras are undoubtedly the best tool to record these moments. Simple and easy to use, the most challenging thing is to choose and buy the model that will best suit your needs. Most of them are very similar, but with this guide, you will know what to evaluate before deciding not to regret it later.

HD, Full HD or 4K? The resolution indicates the detail level of the images. Sure, the more, the better, but do you need that much? 4K cameras have a resolution four times higher than Full HD, but to make a difference, images must also be watched on a 4K monitor or TV. Otherwise, it doesn’t make much sense. And another, the higher the resolution, the more expensive the camera is too.

The best low price action camera is the one which can be quickly loaded anywhere and still guarantee image and video quality. Do you want to buy an action camera and are unsure which one to choose or which aspects to observe before purchasing yours? We explain everything to you!

It is nice to observe the quality of the photos as well. Although the number of megapixels is not a direct synonym for quality, today the best option is to look for cameras with at least 5 megapixels of resolution. Other than that, also see the lens opening, the lower the value, the more apparent it is.

Mainly in action cameras, as the name suggests, image stabilization is practically essential. Without the feature, your videos may be completely blurred or blurred. And that is undoubtedly the last thing anyone wants: to lose the entire record. There are two types of stabilization in this type of camera: optical or digital. The optical system is more expensive, but also more efficient. To decide, think about the kind of images you intend to take: a landscape in the African savannah or a mountain bike race. the more you shake the camera, the more stabilization you will need…


Not all models have a screen built into the rear. Only the most expensive! If you’re the type who wants to take an individual shot, with precise framing and everything, the viewfinder can make a big difference. Now if you don’t mind just looking at what was recorded later, when you download the images from the camera, perhaps the screen isn’t really that necessary.

Another interesting function of the screens available on some cameras is the ease of, through these touch-sensitive displays, configuring the whole camera more efficiently – in the same way, that we are already used to our smartphones. The user experience is much more interesting, for sure.

Field of vision

The field of view is how much the camera sees in a single frame—the more full, the larger the image. The widest-angle cameras end up creating a more immersive image – which is cool when the picture is taken in the first person. On the other hand, a vast field of view ends up distorting the image a lot with that “fisheye” effect. Some people like it. Besides that, some cameras already offer the possibility to correct this distortion.


Each camera usually has the battery life expectancy in its specifications. This is very important. Depending on the activity, you may need two or more batteries. Evaluate how much time you plan to record before returning home and reloading the equipment. Nothing more frustrating than the battery ending well in the most exciting moment of your adventure, right ?!


The first thing that a lot of people want right after registering an incredible moment is to share the photo or video with friends via messages or on social networks. Some cameras have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection; thus, it is possible not only to use the tablet or smartphone as a screen to see what is being recorded but also to download the photos and videos to send to the crowd or post online. Also, specific applications allow you to configure the camera more efficiently as well. This is another worth resource…


Almost all action cameras come with a water-resistant case for submerged images. Some top of the line models can even dive without the need for any protection. Anyway, check the specifications to know in detail the resistance of each model; some can dive deeper and for longer than others. And there is even a model that can’t also get close to out!

Now yes! You are ready to choose your next action camera. Of course, you will also balance how much technology and modernity you want and how much you are willing to invest. But it will undoubtedly take a more accurate shot.

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