Are you planning to buy a new phone?
Are you worried about choosing the best one for you?
Do you want to know how to choose from the best Indian mobile brands?

So you are in the right place. Today we are going to discuss everything that you should keep in mind before purchasing any new phone.

With the availability of a number of Indian mobile brands, it becomes very difficult to choose the best Indian mobile brand for you.

There are many things and some limitations that you have to consider before buying a new phone. It may be the budget factor or the things that and the facilities that you want from your smartphone. So now, let’s discuss everything in detail.


 1.  Understanding Your Need
First of all, understand your needs. What are you looking for? Whether you need a smartphone for just social media and phone calls? In that case, you don’t have to invest much but if you are a gamer then, you may have to increase your budget a little and if you need a perfect smartphone with excellent features and flawless performance, then you may have to invest a bit more.

 2.  What Operating System does It use?

There are two types: IOS or the Android  OS. IOS means an apple iPhone and the rest phone uses Android OS. A number of versions of the Android operating system are there which includes the latest version like Android 10 and Android 9 Pie. These versions decide different unique features and functionality of the android. You must not choose any smartphone with an outdated version. Choose one with the latest version and which offers updates too.

 3. Display
If you love to watch high-quality movies and play games with HD graphics then, you must choose a phone with a display size of at least 5.7 inches. But, if you only use your phone for Facebook, WhatsApp and making calls then, you can go for a smaller display. Also, check if the phone provides features like a reduced strain on eyes and other safety features.

 4.  Design
There are different designs also. Some people may admire sleek and round edges while some may prefer metallic edges. Many variants are there for you to choose from so choose a phone as per your convenience.

 5. Processor
 The main thing that decides how efficient is the performance of your phone is its processes. It also limits new updates for software. You may go for MediaTek if you use the phone for light tasks or Qualcomm and Snapdragon 652/820/821 processor if you do rigorous tasks on the phone.

 6. Camera
 It has become one of the most used features of smartphones and companies are nowadays focusing a lot on cameras. If you also like to click pics every time, then you must know one thing that megapixels does not decide the quality. There are various other factors which together contributes to the performance of your camera like pixel size, aperture, autofocus, ISO levels, etc. Keep everything in mind. Nowadays there are smartphones with double/triple cameras and many advanced features.

 7. Battery Life
 It depends on what type of activities you do on your phone. You may need a phone with a 4000 mAh battery if you do heavy activities like steaming, editing and gaming. For lighter activities, a 2500 mAh battery will also suit.

 8. Storage
 You may prefer a  phone with 32GB internal storage if you are a light user. But if your plans are to use several apps then, you must go for 64 GB or 128 GB storage space. A phone with less internal storage but supporting Micro SD card will also work.

 9. RAM(Random Access Memory)

Another thing to be considered is RAM as it determines the efficiency of your phone’s performance and also its operating system. It is needed for smooth and fast functioning of apps and other features. A 2 GB RAM(for light use) and 4 GB(for bulky use) is preferred.

 10. Price As Per The Performances

Your budget also decides your choice. You cannot invest your full salary on buying just a smartphone. So you have to be very clever. Note one thing that in a given price range, there are always phones which have better performance than the other in the same range.  brand does not always decide the quality. So go for the phone that suits your pocket.

Final Words…

So now after reading this article, we believe that you are ready to choose your best Indian mobile brand. Various new launches come in the market frequently with more advanced facilities and features. So stay updated by following us.

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