4+1 Tips On How To Decorate A Small Apartment After Moving In

People who live in small apartments know precisely why they moved into one: they usually have lower rent, most of the time, they are closer to various downtown areas in the city, and have the unique atmosphere that makes them feel at home. If you plan on moving into a small apartment and truly enjoy that magical coziness it can give, you need to decorate it the right way.

You can decorate your apartment in many ways, but one thing is for sure: you can have both functionality and design. The main idea is to find the perfect balance between these two and go for a style that incorporates both practicality and aesthetics, giving you a result that is one hundred percent to your liking. Here are 4+1 tips you need when it comes to decorating your tiny apartment. 

1. Unused spaces with a new purpose

When you live in the same place for years, you get stuck in your ways of using specific spaces. When you move into a smaller apartment, you must rethink how to use the space you have efficiently. Take an afternoon to look for those spaces that could be improved or become more useful. Usually, unused corners and blank walls are the ones that can be upgraded a bit. 

You can buy a new corner shelving unit that can hold a lot of your essential items. It’s also effortless to turn a large windowsill into a cozy workspace where you’ll feel ready to do business more efficiently. You can also rethink how to use some utilities in a better way in your kitchen or bathroom. There’s always room on top of your refrigerator or washing machine for extra baskets that can hold useful stuff. 

2. Instead of horizontal, think vertical

When you don’t have a lot of space horizontally, what do you do? You go vertically, of course! Give narrow storage systems a try, and you’ll see how easily they can free up the much-needed space in your apartment. There are endless options for utilizing space vertically: bookshelves, floor to ceiling entertainment centers, and you can even go for a piece of fold-away furniture.

One thing that many people don’t want is a Murphy bed. But don’t think that these are a thing of the past. Thanks to modern technology, manufacturers managed to rethink the whole concept and give you a murphy bed that is both stylish and highly practical. If you have a small bedroom, you should buy the one that meets all of your needs. 

3. Use colors to your advantage

If you look at well-designed and well-decorated small apartments, you realize that they all have light colors in many rooms. You can’t use dark colors to your advantage, as they make spaces look tinier. Lucky for you, there are endless choices when it comes to a light color palette. 

You don’t have to overcomplicate things. Stick with three colors: two light ones and a hint of dark to create an aesthetically-pleasing result. The two bright shades can accentuate the space you have, while the one darker color ensures a visual contrast. If you have to pick another darker color, but don’t overdo it, as too many colors in a smaller apartment might seem overwhelming to the eye. 

4. Uncluttering is your friend

Once you finish decorating your apartment, you might think that you’ve completed the job. However, rethinking the decoration and design once or twice a year can give you even more space when it comes to tiny rooms. When you feel like you have the right amount of time, try to reevaluate your items. 

You can easily find the possessions that make a particular room more cluttered in just a few hours. You should get rid of such items and buy new ones. It will come as a surprise when you realize how many unnecessary things you have. Organization and planning are key here: make a list of the belongings you want to get rid of and the stuff you want to replace them with. 

+1. Start the decoration before moving in

You’ll probably move from a larger apartment to your smaller one. This means that you have many items that won’t make it to your list of necessary possessions. To make the move and transportation more comfortable, you can hire a moving company specializing in these kinds of things. With the proper help, you’ll have no problem moving in the right way.

Try to pick a moving company that is an expert in what you exactly need. Professional movers NYC will have the necessary workforce and tools to make the relocation look like a child’s play while ensuring that all of your expectations are met. 

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