A perfect lapel pin requires to blend with positioning and colors depending on the various events. This helps in embracing the ideal outlook of it. Men have worn lapel pins during formal occasions for decades. It has made a comeback in recent years to give intense complexity in the formal look and adding detail to the outfit. Lapel pins are perfect for eliminating the amateurish risk and comes in various colors and designs. One needs to choose the ideal lapel pin suiting with the fabric, buttons, or the look. The lapel pins consist of a buttonhole that can be kept either open or stitched on the left-hand side. These types of lapel pins go perfectly with jackets and blazers.  These folded flaps run beneath the buttons and collars. This article will discuss elaborately different types of lapel pins and the occasions it will suit the most.


Lapel pins are the coolest accessories that come in various shapes and sizes. Let’s see the trendiest amongst it. One can find these pin makers online consisting of multiple designs, materials, and colors.


 Boutonnieres are the oldest and original form of lapel pins consisting of a real flower in its buttonhole. These are suitable for weddings, prom nights, or funeral and give a classic touch to the jackets. One can go with floral lapel pins made up of silk, linen, or cotton material in the long run. They are probably smaller in size and can be reusable. One can go with bright color pins with neutral or pastel color shirts. The lapels are always worn on the left-hand side and should always be parallel to the pin. The wrong angle can ruin the entire look. A fresh lily rose or orchids can be used by bringing them from florists and cut them fresh before the last minute. One can spray a little water before using it to make it look new. It also goes well with leaves, which minimizes visibility.


 Stick pins are usually thin and long in the shape of a needle made up of metals like gold, silver, or copper. The pin gets placed at the end and can be easily slid up and down. The shape of a long thin needle gives a neat look and control to get it stuck at the proper place. If one wants to go with short sizes, they can prefer mini pins or badges over it, which can also be easily found in gold or steel toned. The mini pins don’t have a stem attach to it. It comes with a clasp made up of rubber or magnet, which slides under the badge directly. You can find them made up of both soft or hard material. These pins are commonly worn by the politicians to represent the symbolic value. The best way to wear it is the design must face away from the chest.


Brooches go best with the suit or tuxedo and give a vintage touch to the attire. They are usually larger than pins and are made up of precious metals. They are simple to wear and should be placed in the buttonhole. They can also be combined with traditional jackets, blazers, sweaters, or shirts. Make sure it doesn’t pierce the fabric of your cloth to leave a permanent mark on them. To add more style, you can combine it with a pocket square, cufflink, belt, ring, watch, or tie clip, which will complement each other. One must have a good sense of matching the colors to play with these accessories. Nowadays, lapel pins could be worn on every occasion, but one needs to choose carefully accordingly. From traditional to formal, there is plenty of options present.

ConclusionThe lapel pins history is said to be started by Prince Albert, who pinned the flower given by Queen victoria onto his chest for showing a romantic gesture. The existence of lapel can also be seen in military uniforms since the 19th century, where the top holes were left undone. Since then, it has created a robust existence in men’s apparel and has evolved fancier. It might seem not very easy, but a little experimentation will land you under compliments.

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