Assisted reproductive technologies for surrogate mother, price, guarantees

In the preparation stage for going to the reproductive clinic, married couples urgently need reliable information in order to make the right choice. It is not easy to find a place where all the important factors coincide: the legal status of surrogacy as a reproductive service, the affordable price of a surrogate mother for couples with a different budget, reliable methods for solving any problems with childbearing, professional lawyers in reproductive law to help with the legalization of the newborn, and most importantly – at least some guarantee of a positive result. And if all the factors, except the last, can be found in the same country within the walls of one clinic through long searches, then with guarantees everything is much more complicated.

In most reproductive clinics, one cycle of using assisted reproductive technologies involves a limited number of donor germ cells, separate payment for surrogate mother services (often without the possibility for future parents to choose a suitable candidate), as well as legal support, accommodation and meals for the duration of the medical program and other expenses. In case of failure at the IVF stage or abortion, all repeated cycles of the procedures, as well as the surrogate mother’s fee, will have to be paid again. As a result, if the first cycle of procedures does not end with a healthy pregnancy and delivery, the price of the program will approach or even exceed one hundred thousand dollars. But why pay for the process if you can pay a much lower amount for a guaranteed result?

Feskov Human Reproduction Group has developed more than 50 reproductive programs, united by one important point – the guarantee of results. The minimum guarantee in basic packages is the achievement of a 12-week pregnancy with a healthy baby, in advanced packages – the birth of a healthy baby. This means that in the event of an unsuccessful IVF or termination of pregnancy until a guaranteed result is achieved in your package of services, the clinic conducts all repeated procedures at its own expense until it fulfills its obligations.

In addition, each couple will receive both an egg donor and a surrogate mother, if required. The price of a surrogate mother is known as leihmutter kosten in Germany (including payment of her expenses) is included in the price of even basic service packages along with the cost of legal services, accommodation, and meals for the duration of medical programs. Future parents have nothing to worry about: in Ukraine, reproductive legislation fully protects their interests, without giving the surrogate mother a single opportunity to keep the baby. Knowing this, only highly motivated, psychologically prepared (psychologically rigorous) surrogate mothers collaborate with the Feskov Human Reproduction Group.

Having familiarized yourself with the information about our programs and the detailed list of services included in each package, you will understand that our clinic is the place where all the factors that lead you to happy parenthood come together.

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