Packing The Soaps – Our Creative Ideas

You wake up in the morning and the first thing you do is jump into the bathroom. Well, you dampen up the hands and start rubbing soap on it to clean up the sleepiness and dirt of the sheets. Well, these market soaps can be pretty hard on the skin because they are loaded with chemicals. If you can relate to this as well, you might have once thought about making your own soaps. 

Well, making the handmade soaps is no rocket science and you even learn all the technicalities with little videos off YouTube. Some people make a small home-based business out of it, while some people keep it as a gifting service. It doesn’t matter which option you chose, packing the soaps is the real question. For everyone who’s trying to pack the soaps, there are many other options excluding the soap boxes

In this article, we are sharing different ideas for people who want to pack the soaps to give as a gift (homemade soaps are the real deal makers!). So, let’s dig in and see how you can make all these soaps look so pretty, accrediting to the packing! 

Cigar Bands

Well, we know that this can be a little out of the box (and strange), but you need to understand the fact that you’re trying to be different here. This cigar band means that you add the name and ingredients of the soap on the wrapping and wrap it around either vertically or horizontally. These bands are pretty easy to use because you can simply print them out from your home printer, wrap it around and you’re done! 

Shrink Labels

We all know someone who’s a digger for clean and sophisticated packages and if you’re one of them, choosing the shrink labels will be an apt choice. These labels will ensure that your soaps are free from dirt, scratches, and fingerprints. This label offers a very clean and neat outlook but you won’t be able to smell the goodness and richness of the soap anymore. 

Soap Boxes

This is hands down the easiest and most famous option out there because all you need to do is take the box, put the soap inside, and you’re done. However, you can add some tweaks to the box and make it more appealing by adding captivating graphics. 

In addition, you can add the cut-out boxes, so everyone can take a peek at the soaps. If you wish to print down information, the sides of the boxes can be used as it tends to be free. Also, you can add the label according to the wish or the occasion. 

Round Soaps

All our lives, we’ve seen the square soaps but if you want to crank up the notch a bit, you can easily opt for the round soaps because all you need to do is take the new mould. So, if you’ve the round soaps to wrap, use the simple wrapping paper and create a toffee off it. You can tie the top with jute string and add a cute little tag! 

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