Healthy pre-workout ideas for growing muscle

Growing muscle can be a challenge for many as it requires discipline, hard work and a lot of sweat and tears! 

However, your workouts can be made more effective with proper nutrition. One of the best ways to ensure your body is ready for lifting weights is by eating proper pre-workout food!

In this post we will go over some of the best pre-workout snacks that are quick and easy that will change your gym life forever! However, before we get into the pre-workout snacks, if you are a person looking for an exercise program and personalised diet then we recommend Nutrition2change. They offer a variety of services ranging from exercise programs, diet plans and recipe books as well as lab tests to examine a variety of issues you may be facing. All services provided by a qualified nutritionist and a personal trainer. 

Healthy Pre-workout ideas

1. Bowl of cereal

This may come across as a basic pre-workout snack but it contains fast absorbing carbohydrates. This makes cereal a perfect pre-workout snack because it delivers energy fast so you can push harder on your workouts as well as postpone fatigue.

2. A slice of bagel or bread with half a mashed avocado

A slice of bread or a bagel is again, a fast absorbing source of carbohydrates. However, a slice of bread with avocados will slow down digestion a little bit allowing you to extend the time between the beginning of workout to the time you reach fatigue allowing you to work harder for longer. 

3. Mashed bananas on toast sprinkled with cinnamon

This is a perfect combination for a pre-workout snack. This snack provides fast energy that will fuel your workout without actually weighing you down. Not only will you have energy to workout for longer but bananas are also high in antioxidants and potassium which will reduce muscle cramps. 

4. Yoghurt with raising or other dried fruit

Yoghurt is an amazing source of ample protein which reduces muscle breakdown. This means you can workout or do cardio (whatever you decide to do) without worrying that your muscle may breakdown or become soft. By adding raisins or other dried fruit like apricots, prunes or cranberries and blueberries you are also adding easily digestible carbs to obtain energy. With this snack, you are not only getting enough energy but you are also protecting the muscle from breakdown.

5. Pot of rice pudding 

Pot of rice pudding is an amazing pre-workout snack to obtain adequate energy that will sustain your heavy lifting! Not only is it tasty but it will also get you going for so much longer. 

SummaryOne of the biggest challenges in growing muscle is having enough rest and energy between workout sessions. Having the pre-workout snacks mentioned above will help protect muscle from breaking down and provide energy so you can make the most of your workouts! If you are looking for more healthy recipes then check out these recipe books written by Nutrition2change.

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