Famous Songs by Juice Wrld

Famous Songs by Juice Wrld

Nobody is in the world who does not know about Juice. Everyone most likely had listen to songs of Juice Wrld. But the fact is, some people are of the kind who do not know what singer they are listening to, they have their concern with the lyrics and music. Juice Wrld sung the songs which are still in every one’s songs playlist. On you tube there are certain songs which have above 500 million views but are still counting.

Juice Wrld had aggressive use of drug in his life. Even in his famous songs there are some scenes which scenes of his smoking. His songs are available officially at you tube which is the most famous platform, Deezer and Tuneln. If you are looking for Juice Wrld Merchandise&Darling in The Franxx Hoodie and Famous Xxxtentaction Hoodies. Go and Check Out.

Jarad Anthony Higgins famous songs are as under:


This is the song which shows some of the moods of Juice Wrld which no one know. He had some lovely romantic side, which he had expressed his song. In this song, he was telling about his lover and mention another guy. This song is loved by every Juice Wrld fan. This song hit the milestone of 42,516,144 views on you tube, and was trending at its time.

Scared of love:

It is bit painful song by Juice Wrld. This song will went over you, you will a pain which was felt by Juice Wrld. Broken heart recover when listen to sad things. This thought is carried out in this song. In this song the line ‘not enough’ was sung many times showing that he was fed up with this love kind of things.

20,421,687 views had been attained by this song. And still this view is counting. Trending of its era and still trending in Juice wrld fans heart.

All girls are same:

Deeply heartbroken sense is coming out of this title. Here in this song from the title it is feeling like several girl had left him so he was heartbroken. This song was the great success of him. It was felt and liked by all the heartbroken of the world.

This song hit 159+ million views on you tube and was the success of his career. These type of songs shows that he had a soft heart which was broken by many people and he just depict his condition in his songs. Through depiction he fell less weight and gain move on energy.


The astounding soundtrack is on its way to remind people what are the meaning of their creation is. In this song Juice Wrld used some of the punchy lines, that some of the people may get offended other than his fans. Juice wrld make the soundtrack to depict his mental injury and talk about it in the song.

15.6+ million Views on this song and of course still counting.

Lucid Dreams:

After the success of the song ‘All girls are the same’. Juice Wrld hit the road to release a new song which is ‘Lucid Dream’. It is the song which we can say that it is the record breaking song in the Juice Wrld whole career. He sung it and all the world went crazy. There is literally no one on the earth which do not know or listen to Lucid Dreams.

562,650,922+ views and on the road of counting. It was no doubt the breath taking release by Juice Wrld.

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