5 Reasons Why Mentorship is Important

A mentorship is an act of spreading knowledge and skills gained from experience. Mentoring provides support and guidance to promote success and growth for mentees throughout life. But, mentoring should be of good quality, so that the learners have a better chance at the fulfillment of their tasks and achievement of their goals. Many great leaders around the world often mention their mentors when asked about their inspiration and guiding light. 

All of our younger generation and upcoming leaders on various levels crave for mentorship. If we look closely, behind any great leaders and thriving individuals and their journey towards success have stood a mentor or even a few mentors under their mentorship they reach where they are.

To Help Set Reasonable and Reachable Goals:

The Younger generations are more or less very ambitious and passionate about setting their goals and raising the bar. But when the same cannot be achieved a sense of inferiority complex develops which proves to be counterproductive in the long run. Hence, under the right mentorship, they get a chance to create necessary boundaries and practice the right disciplines to align professional and personal growth. Good mentorship is the result of a combination of many acts like being a good listener, delivering honest feedback, mutual goals, establishing expectations and ground rules, establish mutual respect and lastly be accountable to each other. An example of mentoring is Reza Satchu Next Canada’s Co-founder and Director, Managing Partner and Co-founder of Alignvest Management Corporation. Reza Satchu serves as a mentor to many entrepreneurs though not very touchy-feely with mentees but makes it a point to help them achieve set goals.

To Encourage and Offer Support:

The relationship of a mentor and mentee is such that no matter what, mentors are always present to support and encourage. There are times when without a mentor a leader seems to lose hope in himself or the business. This is where a mentor constantly remains by the side and does not let an individual stop and provide encouragement and remind that everything can be achievable.

To Get Reliable Advice:

Trust is something that is short in supply, especially in the world of business and it is only a privilege to be able to trust someone either with information or property. People all around have all kinds of pieces of advice to give, suggestions to make, and questions to ask. It can be almost impossible to stop and decide who is trustworthy. In a mentorship, the mentor has nothing to lose and wants nothing more than to teach what he knows. This makes a mentor the perfect source to take advice from and rely on confidential information without the fear of the information leaking.

To Learn From Experiences:

Starting a business or an organization can be a daunting challenge. There is no easy way to set up or start a business. The only two options are to do it on your own and learn by yourself or learn from a mentor. There was a time when a mentor was exactly where you are today and has been through the journey you are about to go. Overcoming obstacles and learning from his mistakes is what he intends on preventing you to experience.

Because mentorship doesn’t Cost Money:

A mentor does not charge you for the mentorship. This relationship naturally grows with the help of a network within the industry. The only thing that keeps a mentor helping effectively is the satisfaction of helping other entrepreneurs and potential leaders and hope that they pay forward by mentoring someone else.

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