5 Things to Buy Yourself Once You’re Officially an Adult

So you’ve landed your first job as an adult — congrats! Now it’s time to breathe in the aroma of that gorgeous, adult-size paycheck and ponder over everything you can buy with it. Obviously you’ll have to pay your rent, car insurance, phone bills and other boring things. But when you’re done you may just have a nice chunk of leftover cash for a little treat. But what should you buy? Below are some fabulous ideas to get you started.

1. Kitchen Gear

If you’ve landed your new job, odds are you also landed your first apartment. So now it’s time to deck out your kitchen with all the bowls, appliances, and cooking utensils you need to make healthy adult meals. Outletsale is a great company that focuses on high-end European kitchenware. Everything is of an excellent caliber, so you really can’t go wrong with their selection. Splurge on that 9-piece pan set and get yourself set up in no time to sauté, broil, and bake anything you desire.

2. New Jewelry

There is nothing better than treating your self to a piece of fine jewelry. Chinchar Maloney is a respected Portland-based jewelry shop, specializing in one-of-a-kind jewelry and gems. No matter what you are looking for, whether it is heirloom quality, modest earrings, or a nice low necklace they will have what the beautiful piece you’re looking for. Everything is hand-made with unique gemstones, so you won’t go wrong treating yourself to one of their pieces. Adding a high-quality statement piece will also translate well to your work wardrobe.

3. Purses and More Purses

Purses, ladies, and gentlemen are my downfall — thank goodness that many luxury brands are now considered investment pieces. Brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Chloe, Yves Saint Lauren, Hermes, and Gucci are highly prized bags. They can cost a pretty penny, But the quality is unbeatable and the purchase could last you up to ten years before showing any major signs of wear and tear. Just like a diamond, luxury bags are now considered collateral. It may take a paycheck or two to save up for the specific bag you desire but you won’t regret the purchase when you’re carrying around your paperwork, laptop, and daily items in a beautifully crafted bag.

4. Device Upgrade

Depending on how long you have been waiting for this job, it may have been years since you graduated college. In other words, you need a new laptop! Laptop styles and capacities change rapidly every year, but if you’re working in a sector that requires an up to date computer you will want to make sure your first paycheck goes to this. An electronics upgrade is one of the best ways to spend your paycheck after a hard day of adulting. You don’t want to be caught unprepared when called to give a presentation or check your emails. It just wouldn’t be a good look.

5. Bills, Bills, Bills

At the risk of sounding boring, don’t forget to pay any outstanding bills you may have with your hard-earned paycheck. If you just graduated you probably have student loans that need tending to. You may also have racked up some credit card debt from the pre-job shopping spree. There is nothing worse than opening a thick bill envelope with no budget plan. Make sure you understand how much money you will be receiving each month, make a budget, and stick with it. At times it may be easy to give in to the pressures of splurge buying but try your best to stay on the right track.

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