At the moment at Top Five, we are deeply into video games. For my part, I even fell into the far-right independence branch of arcade players to such an extent that I am considering buying a terminal for my home.

Otherwise, the fight is still one of the king of the arcade genre, so it seemed logical to me to put it forward. I warn you that as I am an old school gamer (and having for several years had a big problem to enter an arcade room or bawl 15 year old kids) this Top leveled off at the end of the 90s. Lisanilssonart have the direct download links of all these games, so that you can have that amazing experience.

1: X men Vs Street Fighter

God damn this game is awesome. It is pure “arcatitude” embodied. Here it’s fun, fun and fun. The combo between super heroes and street fighters goes smoothly, whether in style or in graphics. The game is super fast, extremely easy to handle for anyone who knows how to make a front quarter circle, and still offers some nice little options like the team system with hyper combo. This is typically the kind of game that makes you put 1 credit back into the machine for one more last game: just one last.

2: Cadillac and Dinosaure

Cadillac and Dinosaur places you in a post-apocalyptic world where tropical jungle technology and… dinosaurs blend together. The heroes must get rid of the villain to prevent a mad scientist from accomplishing his insane plan to use the strength of the dino to… uh bah there it is more so clear.

 Still, this game is extremely pleasant, fast, fun, offering a very original universe, equally original gameplay sequences (the level where we have to rush in a car everything that shows up in front of our hood, great art) different personalities, weapons galore … in short, an essential, especially since it is not completely hardcore to finish.

3: Punisher

Surprising beat them all when you know how the Punisher license has tended to be sold wrongly and through, this game is a very nervous beat them all adding here and there a little touch of originality with in particular the sequences or our Punisher pulls out his gun. 

Apart from that, it is the atmosphere of the comics and its very own realization that takes the game out of the heap of clones of the same lot.

4: Street Fighter 2

What would the arcade game be without Street Fighter? Ultra cult, this game had the defect of having been exploited to the rope which has bored more than one player (including yours truly).

Who can no longer support seeing a new version with STILL a variant of Ryu and Ken. Fortunately, there was King of Fighter * at the time, and that was good!

5: Final Fight

Classic among classics, Final Fight is a mythical beat them all that will dust off the double dragon genre: the sprites are huge and superbly detailed, the animation goes beyond 3 keys move, and each character has a style of its own that will offer each has a suitable playing pleasure. 


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