What to Eat and Not to Eat Before and During a Long Flight?

If you have been through one or two long-haul flights, then you probably know how intimidating the whole experience can be. But, what’s annoying for many is the nauseatic feeling when you’re 35,000 feet up in the skies. 

Fear of flying can be extremely uncomfortable, even hours after the flight. If it’s your first shot at a long-haul flight, then it’s worth undergoing an online course to overcome your fears and anxieties. 

With this in mind, we’ve prepared a quick guide to assist you with the right knowledge for eating before and during a flight for a comfortable journey. Let’s find out:-

What To Eat Before Boarding the Plane?

Skip the Queues At Fast-Food Counters

Amidst the chaos at the airport, we tend to take the easy route of grabbing a carbohydrate-rich, unhealthy snack at the departure gates or on the way to the airport. 

These foods are high on sugar, salt, and fat. They make you feel run-down and sluggish during your flight. It is best to have a healthy yet light meal—steamed veggies, salads,  low-calorie cottage cheese, and boiled eggs — before taking the taxi to the airport or pack a snack from home. 

It is of paramount importance that foods and drinks you have before boarding the plane are low on sugar, slow-burning carbs, and moderate protein. 

Tag along a protein bar, nutcrackers, or veggies that won’t perish easily. They’ll keep the tummy occupied till the next meal.

Drink Plenty of Water

The first rule of a long-haul flight is to stay hydrated. Scrap your favorite bottle of booze or soda can, and instead drink plenty of water before your trip. This is critical for combating the harsh cabin air and drying up your mouth, nose, and ears.

Dehydrating on your flight can make you susceptible to several unpleasant health problems—and in rare cases, serious issues such as deep-vein thrombosis.

Sipping lemon water during the flight will also help you maintain the fluid levels in the body. And, fluids also support your digestive system and blood flow throughout the body. 

Have Fruits

Grab fresh fruits instead of unhealthy snacks before heading to the airport. 

  • Having a banana is your best bet, as it is loaded with potassium and helps in regulating the blood pressure and reducing cramps during the flight. 
  • Peel off oranges too; they are powered with vitamin C and boost immunity. 
  • Have a smoothie by blending kiwi with almond milk or a combo of your favorite fruits. 

If you have a flight in the afternoon or evening, then have a balanced diet. Avoid caffeine and carbonated drinks, as they are hard on digestion. 

What to Eat When You’re on the Plane?

Stay Hydrated

The foremost thing before, during, and after a flight is drinking a lot of water. Always keep a bottle of mineral water handy. 

You can infuse the green apple, mint, lemon, or cucumber to regulate water. This not only ensures you are hydrated but also provides you with the necessary antioxidants.

Bring your Snacks

Carrying your snacks and drinks is ideal, as most airplane meals are high in salt and artificial preservatives. Keep a small container full of nuts, roasted, or soaked crackers.

Some people drink alcohol during the flight, but this can dehydrate you further. Instead of one glass of wine, have alternates such as appletini or iced tea.

Final Thoughts

Sleep deprivation after a long-haul flight leaves most people feeling tired and exhausted. 

Bananas and dark chocolates are the best post-flight snacks to ease off sore muscles. 

Rich in antioxidants, you can also have a small cup of green tea to revitalize to get on with your business trip or vacation. 

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