How Lifestyle of Women has changed in Last Decade

Women, as we see them today, are confident smart and trendy. She knows herself well and she knows what she wants in life. She is self- motivated and driven and is constantly seeking to enhance her personality and her life. She has come a long way and changed drastically to be individual that she is.

The last few years have seen women change from being the primary caretakers of children and the household to becoming self- reliant, career driven and excelling in all walks of life.With an increasing number of women becoming economically independent, it has become compulsory
for men to take up new responsibilities, which were traditionally considered as “women’s work.”

The modern women see themselves as equal to men, and have an enormous amount of energy to fight for their rights. They are no longer silent spectators to what’s going on around them but feel the urge to contribute towards the welfare of their nation and its people.

As a result, women’s lifestyle has changed radically over the last few years. Instead of staying home, an overwhelming majority of women attend college to attain a degree and have far more educational achievements than men. A lot more women are looking for jobs, making a nine to five career and joining the labor force.

A few years ago it was extremely rare for a woman to not be married at 30 years of age. But the current trends suggest that women are delaying their marriage, particularly if they are highly educated. Today the average age for a woman to get married is beyond 30. More and more women are choosing to have fewer children or no children these days. They are becoming more career oriented and practical than they were ten years ago.

With a tremendous zeal to prove themselves worthy on the career as well as family front, the women of today have become extremely efficient at multitasking. Most of them start their day early, finish most of the household chores and leave for work. A lot of women, who have the added responsibilities of children, give equal attention to their children and work and choose to work from home for the same reason. They have learnt how to cook delicious meals in a short span of time and have kept themselves abreast with technology. An increasing number of women today are active on social media and use the internet for various purposes. Women have become more conscious towards their bodies and believe in exercising regularly and eating healthy to stay fit.Their physical and psychological resilience has increased enabling their bodies to sustain the hormonal cycles, pregnancy and birth.They have become an expert in balancing their work and family life.

Being a woman these days is tougher than the world will give you credit for. In this constant grind of life where women are emerging as winners in almost every field, they should put in an effort to take care of themselves too. Although a lot of women are health conscious, a large majority of them still fall prey to lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, PCOD and hypertension due to the abovementioned lifestyle changes. Therefore, once in a while they should indulge in something that they love, maybe go for a spa or follow the tips for beautiful hair in women on a weekend. They should get adequate sleep and follow a healthy lifestyle so that they can take on tomorrow with a glowing skin, glossy hair and a glittering smile. So here’s to the women of today, may they continue to be an epitome of grit and grace.

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