Milan Central Station: How to get there?

Furthermore, it is usually among the most important in the old continent.This work is inspired by modernism that came into action at the beginning of the 20th century.At these times the station is used by the thousands of passengers and visitors who use it daily, heading to their destinations or contemplating this beautiful architectural work.

It is the second most important in Italy behind the Roma Termini station. Stazione centrale Milano moves around 120 million passengers a year.

Milan Station

Milan’s central station has imposing steel and glass domes that span the station’s 24 tracks. These domes were designed by the architect Alberto Fava.From the station we can go to both national and international destinations.

The Building, Facade and Architecture

Over the years, the building underwent several changes. These changes began to come with the incorporation of escalators.As early as 1952 the stairs allowed better access to the station levels.One of the last renovations for the Milan station was directed to the care and remodeling of all those areas of the terminal with significant artistic value.

Similarly, there was the improvement of access to the terminal and the renovation of specific areas of the building.For the last renovation of the Central Station, 100 million euros were allocated. It was carried out in 2006.The terminal has an imposing facade, 72 meters high by 200 meters wide. It is considered one of the largest for its time.

International Trains

More than thirty trains arrive daily from Milan’s central station from the most important cities in Italy and Europe.Paris, Vienna, Lugano, Salzburg, Nice, Basel and many more are some of the destinations that have as their landing stage, the central station of Milan.There are many connections that are generated in this station.The Eurocity and Euronight trains provide international services and are destined for Milan Central Station.

National Trains

Milan’s internal train system is high-class and widely used by Milanese and tourists who want to make an excursion to another nearby city.

Connections to Airports

The station offers the general public transportation to transport passengers to Milan’s Orio al Serio, Linate and Malpensa airports.

Those passengers who want to use the airport have the Milan-Malpensa route, using the Malpensa express train system, an optimal and highly efficient system.Also, it has a bus system from Milano Malpensa, to the central station and vice versa.

The duration of the bus trip is 15 minutes and it is one of the fastest routes to get to the central station.The airport has two bus systems and to make use of them you can buy the ticket at the terminal. Outside the airport you can take the one that leaves first.

It should be borne in mind that Malpensa airport handles the largest amount of international traffic in Europe. So, it is worth using public transport and booking in advance.

How to get to the Milan Train station?

In order to get to Milan Central Station, we must get to Piazza Luigi di Savoia, very close to the center of Milan.You can also find alternatives in the transport that the city offers.

For Example:

  • You can use the trolleybus system, through lines 90-91 and 92.
  • Thanks to the Milan metro, for lines M2 and M3.
  • Bus on routes 42, 60, 82, 90, 91 and 92.

What are the Working Hours of Milan Central Station?

The work schedule is between 6:00 am and 00:30 midnight.The Milan central station has some exceptions in its working hours for Labor Day (May 1) and December 25; where the work schedule starts at 7:00 am until 7:30 pm.

Information of Interest

For locals and visitors, Milan Central Station offers care services to all those who have a disability.In addition, it has waiting rooms, Wi-Fi Internet connection area, ATMs, foreign currency exchange areas, telephone booths and tourist information points.

And don’t worry about security, as the central station facilities have a video surveillance system and a railway police, for the safety of users.So if you want to spend your next vacation in the fashion capital of the world, the Stazione centrale Milano, it is one of the places you cannot miss visiting.

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