APA Paper Format: Use the APA Citation Style with Ease

Is your APA paper already due in an hour or so? Are you searching for a quick, but effective way to make it look more APA-like? Bingo! You just found it!

APA paper format: golden rules

The American Psychological Association (also known as APA) has strict standards for formatting papers and citing sources in them. The niceties of proper formatting can significantly contribute to your success. These are the golden rules of APA papers:

  1. Use the words ‘Running head’ before your title on the title page. Include the title without the words ‘Running head’ on the following pages.
  2. Use Arabic figures for page numbers, in the right upper corner of each page.
  3. Use headings to separate different parts (usually in papers longer than 2 pages).
  4. Double spacing between lines of text.
  5. 1 inch margins on all sides.

APA paper format title page

Let’s start from the very beginning: the title page. Here is a sample APA paper title page:

  The APA Style: Clear Explanations and Samples
Smith John
California University of Pennsylvania


  • Note that the title is capitalized and left-aligned, whereas the words ‘running head’ are not capitalized.
  • The full title of your paper, your name and the name of your educational institution should be centered.
  • Forget about creativity this time. Leave your brilliant ideas for the content of your paper. Simply follow this example.

APA paper format: main body

Here is a sample page of an APA style paper:

The APA citation style requires that you comply with a number of format requirements. It is highly recommended to consult the corresponding sections of APA manuals whenever working on APA papers (APA, 2010).


  • Do not use the words ‘Running head’ in the main body of your paper.
  • Pay special attention to the format of in-text citations. These should include the name of the author, year of publication and page on which the information was found.

APA paper format: reference page

The reference page is the cornerstone of any APA style paper and it can cause some trouble before you get it right. However, you can use these amazing examples to make your life easier:

Type of source Example
Book Brown, D. (2010). The Da Vinci code. New York: Transworld.
Article Ratna, N. (2010). The enigmatic woman in Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci code. Journal of Literature, Culture and Media Studies, 2(4), 304 – 313.
Website The official UK website of bestselling author Dan Brown. (n.d.). Retrieved April 23, 2012 from https://www.penguin.co.uk/authors/101/1016488/dan-brown.html

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