How to Choose The Right Radiators for your home

When it comes to choosing radiators for your home, the choice is more complex than it seems. You may assume that radiators are just another standard appliance, however, this isn’t the case. Radiators come in a wide variety of sizes, colours, styles and outputs, all of which can affect how they heat up a room. When choosing a radiator, you need to consider your needs, space and tastes.

Do your research

The best thing to do is to do some research. With so many brands, styles and types of radiators available, companies like The Heating Boutique pull them all together under one roof. What’s even better is that all the radiators on their site have bee chosen for their style, efficiency and value for money. 

Heat output and size

Possibly the most important factor to consider when choosing a radiator for your home, heat output determines how well a radiator will be able to heat a room. The simplest way to think about it is the higher the output, the more powerful the radiator. For larger spaces, you’ll need a radiator with a higher heat output so you can get the most out of your heating system. 

You may think that logically, buying a radiator with a high heat output means having to opt for a larger size. However, there is a wide range of radiators available, both big and small that can pack a real punch when it comes to heating. So depending on where you have the space to have your radiator fitted, you don’t have to compromise on efficiency.


Radiators come in a variety of materials. From traditional cast iron to lightweight aluminium, the choice is up to you. Some materials, such as cast iron, can take a while to heat up but hold their heat considerably longer, whereas if you want a more flexible, reactive heating system, aluminium may be better. This is because aluminium radiators cool down and heat up relatively fast, perfect for those who want to change the temperature of a room quickly. 

Radiator type

Radiators are typically split into two types: central heating and electric radiators. The main difference is the system with which they heat a room up. Central heating radiators are connected to your home’s central heating system, therefore are controlled centrally by your boiler. Electric radiators, on the other hand, are independent of this system, so can be turned on and off without having to switch on your central heating system. Electric radiators are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms, often coming in the form of heated towel rails which serv

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