How to become a Cycle Friendly Business

How to become a Cycle Friendly Business 

Going green is becoming more and more popular, especially amongst small and large-scale businesses. A great way to become more eco-friendly and environmentally sound as a company, is by encouraging employees to get on their bike and cycle to work.

I know what you’re thinking, how is it possible and feasible to enforce such a radical and big change amongst so many people and employees in a company. 

It is actually a lot easier than you think to become a cycle-friendly business, as long as you have the correct tools and effective practices put into place. 

Cycle-to-work scheme

Aside from the great health and environmental benefits that come with the cycle-to-work scheme which is being heavily encouraged by the government, it is actually safer and more resourceful for companies in terms of the storage and protection of bicycles in comparison to motor vehicles.   

Install effective storage solutions 

Installing effective storage facilities for bicycles in the form of bike shelters and bike racks are an effective and inexpensive way to both store and protect bikes. 

It is much cheaper and cost effective than building multi-storey car parks, and reserving huge masses of land for the storage of a huge number of motor vehicles in one given company. 

These bike racks and shelters are very simple to install and can be put in any outdoor space, whether it be by an entrance of a building, or around the back end so as to not disturb the aesthetics of an architectural structure. 

They also allow for the storage of a number of bikes at one given time, depending on the size of the shelter, and provide effective protection against bad weather conditions with their durable and sustainable structures and build. 

The simplicity of it 

By installing bike racks as an effective storage solution, employees simply have to cycle up to an empty rack spot, chain and lock in their bike to a designated or available spot. 

Gone are the days of wasting precious time circulating a huge car park for the best spot closest to the building entrance. 

These bike racks make it easier and save a lot of time when it comes to parking up and locating your bike at the end of each day. 

Build a sense of community

Company culture is so important and influential, especially in large businesses where it can be easy to feel lost in the midst of a huge professional cohort. 

Encouraging and promoting a cycle-friendly business can create and form a large cycle culture which allows employees to mingle and be exposed to one another outside of the workplace. 

This will not only increase company morale but also give employees the opportunity mentally and physically stay fit by exercising and supporting one another in this new scheme. 

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