6 Reasons to Choose Glass Pool Fencing

6 Reasons to Choose Glass Pool Fencing

In almost every exotic outdoor relaxation spot, it’s quite sure that you would see the pool area surrounded by a glass fence. Anytime your life ventures cause you to chance upon a building with a pool where exquisiteness is the aesthetic watchword, you would see that the view of the clear water is better through a beautiful transparent glass fence.

Gone are the days when a pool had to be fenced with an austere-looking aluminum mesh for the aim of protection. These days enclosing a pool with a glass fence has become a trendy and classy way to protect and beautify the pool.

Here are six reasons why a glass pool fence is a must-have for every pool-owner out there. Let’s dive right in.

Affords a clear view

Imagine you are standing within a few meters from a pool. You try to gaze at the peaceful, calming water, but all you can see is an annoying obstruction of a wooden or aluminum fence that cuts off the pool’s view. Not a pretty sight, you would agree. With the glass fence, you can see the blue waters through the panes anytime from any distance.

 Adds elegance and style

Having a glass pool fencing on your property serves to add that extra touch of elegance and style. The transparent glass panes matching the reflection of the pool water exudes an exquisite top-notch aesthetic quality. The design and look of many glass pool frames give off a pool area akin to that of a state-of-the-art, five-star facility. In fact, with the presence of a glass pool fence adding a subtle dash of class to your building, you are sure to get pleasing compliments. Plus, it may increase the value of your property if you decide to put it up for sale later.

Guaranteed longevity

Glass pool fences are not only famous for the numerous available design and options, but also because of their durability and strength.  Glass pool fences are known to outlast any other pool fencing alternatives that may be out there. They do not rust over time like aluminum fences; neither do they rot like walls made out of wood do. Generally, because glass pool fences are made out of toughened glass, specifically enhanced to withstand the effects of harsh and severe weather conditions, they stay longer and save you more in the long run.

Reputable companies with a strong background and experience in glass pool fencing installations can help you set up the best pool fences that would stand the test of time. It is best to employ the services of local pool fencing companies. For instance, if you live in the River City in Australia, looking up WoodGlassGroup Brisbane Pool Fencing would connect you to pool fencing service around you. Thereby saving you stress and ensuring you get the worth of your money.

Easy cleaning

Perhaps, with the mention of words like ‘glass’ and ‘transparent,’ you might feel hesitant because of the perceived daunting task of cleaning and maintaining a glass pool fence. Relax, it’s not as difficult as you think. A glass pool fence does not need a rigorous and tiring scrub down to be kept clean. With the simple use of a hose, you can keep the glass pane sparkling. Just point the stream of water from the hose at the fence and let it wash away any dirt that may have accumulated on the wall.

Although the glass pool fence doesn’t quickly get stained, if you do find a stain, you can use warm soapy water and a sponge to clean off smears

You could also use an excellent water-repellent glass coat to keep your glass pool fence free of dirt and other pollutants. Plus, it helps to retain its brilliant shining sparkle. 

 Safe to use

Because glass pool fences are made out of glass, it is common to think that they wouldn’t be able to provide safety to pets and children that may accidentally wander close to the pool. Well, it would surprise you to know that all glass pool fences meet the required pool standards enforced by the law in various countries. The fence is durable and does not readily shatter. However, if it does crack in the unlikely event, the fragment is held within the frame housing the glass panes, so you need not worry.

 Easy to install.

Glass pool fencing is not difficult to install and can be positioned with little or no technical experience. By following a simple installation guide, you can set up the glass pool fence on whatever surface your pool area may be made of. You could also look up the installation process of a glass pool fence on the internet. Many do-it-yourself videos detail a step-by-step guide to install any design of glass pool fencing.

The glass pool fencing is a complete package that delivers all the benefits every other type of pool fencing may afford. Given its soaring popularity with more and more people attesting to its safety and durability, perhaps it’s high time you considered getting this beautiful equipment for your pool.

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