Title: How to Increase Sales On Poshmark Without Being A Pro?

Title: How to Increase Sales On Poshmark Without Being A Pro?

Tired of not getting reasonable sales on Poshmark? Want to learn new ways about how to increase sales on Poshmark?

If yes then we will get you covered in this post!

In case, if you have just started selling on Poshmark and don’t know much about it, it’s an internet marketplace for selling and buying clothes and accessories. The platform was originally launched as a second-hand marketplace for buying women’s clothing at discounted prices. However, later it has been pushed into retail sales and expanded to children’s & men’s clothing and accessories as well.

Here are some of the most useful tips for you through which you can get your Poshmark sales increased with a little effort. Take a look:

Write A Description That Comprehensively Describe Your Product

Write your descriptions in such a way as there are no photos in your product listing. You don’t need to write a long paragraph description to make it a good one.

We recommend you write your description in bullet form so that the reader can view it on the go without taking much time.

Make sure to add each and every feature/specification of your product. Even if the item that you are selling has some fault or defect, don’t try to hide it rather add it in your description. Being honest while writing the description will get you paid in some other way.  

Pro Tip: Add relevant keywords (Long Tail Keywords) in your product description so that the listing can have a better chance of getting ranked on search engines. Ultimately, getting you some customers from external sources.

Do Smart Sharing With A Schedule

It is no big secret that sharing on Poshmark will help you in getting increased sales. However, if you want to grab the attention of the buyers then learn to share smartly.

To get better results you don’t need to share at the beginning of the day. Neither, you have to share 3 times a day as recommended by some Poshmark experts.  

We suggest you share with Poshmark brand parties that happen at 9 am every day as people are looking into them.

Similarly do share before and during the festive season because it’s the best time to promote your products and boost your sales.   

The best and most productive time to share is the one when your followers are active on the platform. So schedule your time accordingly. You can opt for Poshmark automation software to share more effectively as it offers you the scheduling feature!

Choose The Right Audience To Follow

There is no doubt that you must follow the ambassadors and top sellers on Poshmark. However, just following them and share your listings won’t be good enough. You also must be aware of your target audience which is certainly not the other sellers.

As a seller, you should prefer having 500 followers of active buyers rather than having 5000 followers of sellers who are simply expecting you to either share their closet or buy from them.

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