Luxury rehab program in South Africa launches free online counselling

Recovery Direct is known as one of South Africa’s best exclusive addiction treatment centres.  The model for treatment is based on trauma recovery and resolving past issues that are driving addictive behaviour through extensive individual talk therapy.

With the recent pandemic the centre has externalized most of its program into easy-to-use online courses that are actually free. There is a wealth of information in these courses but in order for people to fully understand the technicalities of psychology recovery direct has launched a free Facebook live session three times a week with the author of the course.

The combination of evidence-based Recovery material and the ability to integrate the learnings from the material through interaction  is something quite unique in the addiction recovery industry.

Typically Addiction Recovery takes the format of 12 step recovery programs  and the full trauma model treatment is reserved for exclusive centres with large access to psychotherapy professionals.

Many studies have proven the link between childhood and past trauma to addiction. There are almost uniform parallels to this connection yet for some reason over the last 100 years we have been treating addiction with a 12-step program based on spiritual recovery.

Director of communications Douglas Kemp says.

“Recovery Directs model is unique in the sense that each individual’s experience is different and that we need to tailor the recovery plan for each person individually. Of course there are many universal truths about recovery that are freely available on the internet already. Recovery Direct simply packaged them neatly and made them available for everyone.”

“The fundamental difference with our model is that we do not see addiction, depression and anxieties as disorders or a diseases or a moral failings. These are mental health conditions that are most often caused by problematic past experiences that are causing reactivation of the nervous system and thinking cycles in inappropriate present day scenarios.”

“When you look at these disorders as symptoms you cannot look at them with any form of judgement. You simply cannot understand how another human being has experienced their life until you ask them,  and then ask them how we can move forward  together.”

“Most of our patients come from international locations such as the United Kingdom, France Spain and America. Sometimes we get patients from the Netherlands and other European countries mostly English-speaking.”

“Cape Town has long been a destination for medical tourism for addiction recovery. The cost of treatment with the weak rand in South Africa and Cape Town is a fraction of private treatment costs in is European countries and in the States.” (One week of treatment in the home countries equates to 2 months of treatment in South Africa)

“With the COVID-19 pandemic our councilors had capacity to sit down and design a course that would help people remotely. So we took the opportunity to move our course online and once online we saw no reason to hide the information.”

“Sure, if you simply Google “Recovery Direct Cape Town” you will find one of our websites amen Center website is on the and the free program is on the” and on our Facebook and YouTube channels.

We recently launched a new project around dealing with anxiety covid-19 pandemic you can access that here

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