How to Take Benefit from WooCommerce to Sell your Products and Services Online

You all must be aware of the importance of digital business in today’s technological time. Electronic business is the fastest, easiest, and efficient way of making money. People all around the world take advantage of e-commerce software to build their web store. This way they target more clients who don’t come to the store and make it easy for them to buy in a few clicks.

Online business is all about making money. Websites with the best plugins, extensions, themes, and templates help to generate more customers and sales. In this regard, WooCommerce is proving its professional and effective services since 2011. WooCommerce is the leading e-commerce software that supports the products/services sellers to earn a great amount of money. 

Globally above 3.876,000 websites are using WooCommerce. In the top million websites in the world, 68,000 of them are using its services that make 6.8% of the top million websites. WooCommerce allows people to sell online services, appointments, digital products, and physical products. WooCommerce has eliminated the traditional outdated means of selling products. 

What makes WooCommerce best platform to earn money

  • Free Open Source WordPress Plugin for installation 
  • Flexible customization and modulation settings
  • Have a large number of official plugins & extensions
  • Easy to access free plugins and themes 
  • Effective Security functionalities 
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEO) friendly
  • Automatic tax calculation facility  
  • A perfect platform for e-commerce startups

In a world full of competition, people always look for different ways of generating money. Making money mainly depends on the niche you want to sell or unique services you want to deliver. To gain a good capital, business minded people take advantage of the best e-commerce software. As it helps showcase their website beautifully to engage large numbers of traffic on the site.

Top Methods of Selling your Products and Services with WooCommerce

There are many methods to earn money from WooCommerce. Let’s have a look at some major ways of making online money from WooCommerce:

Start Selling Digital & Physical Products

The most common yet widely used method to earn money through WooCommerce is to sell online products. Product sellers gain huge revenue by selling digital or physical products. You can sell any niche through your web store 24/7. To make your business successful, always decide what products you want to sell? What are the niches which have most public demand? 

A digital product includes e-books, logos, photos, downloadable music, graphic, internet TV, mobile apps, electronic tickets, online games, and video tutorials, etc. Physical products include all the tangible products like clothes, shoes, electronics, jewelry, and mobile phones, etc. that are delivered door to door

Millions of people buy products on a daily basis. These trends are getting higher by the greater use of the internet and gadgets. Around 25% of the US population shop online at least once a month. America is the leading country in “Average E-Commerce Revenue per Online Shopper’ with $1804 then on second comes the UK with $ 1629, then Sweden with $1446, and so on. 

Offer Professional Services or Your Expertise

WooCommerce is an all-in-one software that also allows you to sell services related to any professional field. Professional services are intangible products that help in the maintenance or operation process of the customers’ business. Every person possesses some expertise or professional knowledge through which they could make money by making a relevant website by taking advantage of WooCommerce features. 

In recent years, there has been a vast increasing trend in buying online expertise. Many private and government companies pay hefty fees to professional advisors and professionals. To earn a great amount of revenue the best idea is to sell your skills, experience, knowledge, and professional assistance.  

The virtual selling may include:

  • Business consultancy 
  • Remote coaching
  • Teaching services on multiple online courses
  • Psychological Therapy 
  • Email marketing management 
  • Workout or Motivational services
  • Freelance Blogging
  • Financial advising services
  • Audio and video editing
  • Nutrition consultancy
  • Online travel agent
  • Data Analyst, etc. 

Provide Advertising & Sponsorship Deals

Marketing runs like blood in the veins of business. Companies invest millions of dollars in advertising to make their brands’ names popular. Digital marketing is one of the finest ways to make money through your official site. After building a good and trustable reputation in the market you can offer other people to put paid ads on your site. Many advertisers want to gain the best ad space. 

Sponsored content is in huge demand nowadays. If your website gets a big number of monthly traffic then sponsored ads to help to earn extra money. The charge of a sponsored post, reviews, and advertising relies on the Google rating and worth of your official WooCommerce website.

Become a WooCommerce Website Designer

Every online business is highly dependent on the excellent development of an e-commerce website. You can earn a thousand dollars easily by learning the skills to launch an attractive website for your clients. 

If you are an expert in computer or web engineering then this talent can let you make money by designing WooCommerce sites. As Woocommerce comes with a huge community and a lot of plugin options for any additional feature, web development using Woocommerce is fairly simple for those who have a basic idea on Web development and WordPress. There are tons of free plugins available for various purposes. Some of the notable free plugins, that can enhance the features of the website are Woocommerce custom fields, which basically gives the options to add additional fields in the product page of the ecommerce site, Woocommerce checkout field editor which helps in editing the checkout form fields of Woocommerce store, and Woocommerce dynamic pricing which basically helps in adding bulk discounts to the Woocommerce stores. Apart from these there are tons of premium plugins like Woocommerce product options which come with a lot of additional features. 

Develop a Strong Affiliate Marketing

Affiliated marketing is the perfect procedure for earning dollars by promoting other people’s products. People gain a big commission through following affiliating marketing. WooCommerce extension allows adding many retail links to one single product. You can give your customers an offer to purchase your product from eBay, Amazon, or any other retailer you are affiliated with. 

Through your website you can endorse the product and give promotion in your email subscriber and website audience. Make affiliate links on your web store. The commission may vary from 30% to 70% of product and services prices. 

Summing Up All

WooCommerce is the biggest support for millions of businesses. The method that is best for making money majorly depends on the quality and uniqueness of the product or services you want to sell. Utilizing your best area of expertise or perfect niche selling would help you in earning a good amount of money from the WooCommerce platform. 

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