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IoT application development

AI for IoT app development

For collecting and analyzing the data efficiently, AI solutions are deployed across various IoT systems. It has also increased the momentum of multiple platforms to enable customer-centric approaches in their businesses.

It is crucial to deal with massive data sets, and both of these solutions have become an essential prerequisite for the same. As per the IoT app developmentAnalytics, there are more than 17 billion connected devices globally, out of which 7 million devices are the internet of things. This technology is a collection of various sensors and accessories which are not meant to interact directly with the users. They would instead provide details, control, and analytics to the devices connected over the internet. There are a large number of industries, or business niches present globally to harness the efficiencies and read the advantages of artificial intelligence as well as IoT technology.

A quick glimpse of AI and IoT

Artificial intelligence is the representation of computational ability to perform the tasks based upon human intelligence in real-time. The role of AI-enabled technology is to provide the computational tools and services to indulge human intelligence to perform the tasks. AI technology thinks logically without mixing emotions and brings rational decisions on the table. The ability of this solution is equally in demand across healthcare, manufacturing, retail, banking, and IoT development companies.

Internet of things (IoT) refers to the well-connected network of a number of physical objects/ things. These things are embedded with software, sensors, and a set of technology to connect and exchange the data across various devices/ systems over the internet. TheIoT enabled devices range from household to sophisticated tools. IoT technology uses the production line approach to monitor equipment sensors in the manufacturing industry. 

Let’s also consider some statistics to understand the implications of AI inIoT application development better.

  • In every second, around 127 IoT devices are connected to the internet
  • The international market of the internet of things has  crossed $1.7 T in 2019
  • Artificial intelligence can enhance business productivity by 40%
  • More than 80% of IoT enabled projects to include artificial intelligence components        

Advantages of AI in IoT solutions

Artificial intelligence is considered as a natural complement for IoT devices to maintain their services and to help them to flow operations smoothly. It also gives a competitive edge to the business platforms. Similarly, IoT has the potential to generate a large amount of data that can be used along with artificial intelligence solutions. Both of these platforms offer a precise machine learning model with which the available data can be easily deployed across various systems. There are a number of advantages of using this combination and some of them are mentioned below- 

●        Eliminate unplanned downtime

Using artificial intelligence solutions it gets easy to predict the equipment failure in early stages (ahead of time). It helps to schedule the maintenance procedures accordingly and various steps can be taken to mitigate the damaging factors.

●        Increase operational efficiency

The AI-enabled devices can predict operational conditions along with identifying the parameters to maintain the expected outcomes. It also helps to improve the operational efficiency of the platform. 

●        Enable product and service improvement

AI-controlled robots or drones make it easy to improvise the product and service. It also keeps a close check on existing products. 

●        Enhance risk management

A combination of AI and IoT help to understand user behaviour. It also predicts the risk factors along with automating rapid response towards it.

Due to the exponential growth of internet-connected devices and sensors, it is speculated that IoT will create voluminous data. By the end of 2020, internet access will reach a million devices ranging from smartphones, smartwatches, computer systems, vehicles, etc. Hence the data obtained from all these resources will be extremely helpful to predict natural calamities, any suspicious activity, crime, accident, or any sort of disaster. The possible amalgamation of AI and IoT is just indefinite and endless. 

The future of AI and IoT

The present era has become exciting and incredible for humans as well as machines because of the amalgamation of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and IoT solutions. All these solutions guarantee light-speed communication and extremely helpful analytics that are convenient in the big picture. Along with the high-performance approach, solutions are taking over every possible domain of information technology. Even the role of an IoT application development companyis distinguished to make the solutions feasible. AI is ushering smart solutions and robotic approaches to make future technology attainable. 

The bottom line

The internet of things technology is enabling the machine connected communication over the entire network. It also supports generating big data. However, artificial intelligence is the only solution that can make all these technologies meaningful together. It can also be said that reciprocal advantageous coexistence exists between AI and IoT. 

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