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Causes for Website Suspended by Hosting Provider

Today, it has become so convenient to set up your website on the internet. Everything ranging from domain name to hosting space can be brought from a single vendor. Due to heavy competition, there are plenty of hosting plans for customers at affordable prices. Shared hosting can be a smooth ride if you follow certain steps regarding payment, website security, etc. Otherwise, it can also lead to frequent website suspended messages due to one issue or the other. A hosting suspended website can be time-consuming and cumbersome to restore. This article explains the various causes of the website suspended message. Also mentioned are some immediate steps to take and how to fix it permanently.

1. Violation of Terms and Conditions

Each hosting company has a list of terms and conditions which can be found on their website. While signing up for their service you need to check it. Within this, the hosting providers list the things they don’t allow like copyright material, porn, etc. In case, you violate any of them, it may lead to your website suspended.

2. Plagiarism

As mentioned above, each hosting provider has its own policy regarding plagiarism. But if the owner of content that you uploaded complains to your hosting provider regarding copyright infringement, they can take action. This can lead to notice regarding hosting suspended website due to plagiarism.

3. Payment Pending

Each hosting provider has its own billing cycle. Some charge you quarterly or annually. Sometimes you may forget to make the payment. Or it is also possible that from your side the payment has been made but there is an issue with your bank or credit card etc. In case your payment is overdue for a long time, it can lead to the hosting suspended your website.

4. Server Overuse

Each hosting plan comes with a fixed share of server resources that you can use i.e. 10 GB SSD, 2 Databases, etc. At times, a script, theme, or plugin, etc on your website may access the resources beyond the limit. As you have exhausted more resources than your specified quota, the hosting providers make the website suspended.

5. CPU Overuse

CPU resources are billed separately than server resources. Hence, with each hosting plan comes a fixed quota of computing resources i.e. 4GB RAM, etc. If for some reason, this quota is breached, you may get a notice regarding the “hosting suspended” website.

6. Malware

Due to poor security measures, your website may fall prey to hackers. Thereafter, they can use your site to distribute malware. Moreover, it can harm other websites on the shared hosting server. So, to protect the server and other sites hosting providers make the website suspended.

7. Phishing

Another thing that hackers can do after compromising your website is to use it for phishing. In this, legitimate-looking fake pages would be injected in your website which will collect the user info, credit card info, etc. Often, the hosting providers have mechanisms to detect such fake pages. In case one is found on your site, you may get a notice regarding the “hosting suspended” website. Message on a Hosting Suspended Website

Quick Steps to take when Website Suspended

Change Credentials

If the website has been suspended due to any security issue, it is highly likely that it was could be due to weak credentials. So, to block the hacker access to your site immediately change all the passwords i.e. FTP, Dashboard, cPanel, etc. Make sure this time it is a secure and random one.

Maintenance Mode

Thereafter, to avoid loss of all the user traffic, purchase a temporary hosting plan at some other hosting provider. Now redirect your domain to that hosing. In the new hosting space just put an index.html page with a message like “Website in Maintenance”. If you are not familiar with HTML then, get one such template from here.

Inform Users

Make sure to communicate this to your audience via various platforms like Twitter, Instagram, etc. Doing so before the users see the account suspension message will avoid the loss of user trust from your website.


The next thing that needs to be done is to take a backup of your website. Some hosting services provide backups themselves while others don’t. Contact your hosting customer support if you have doubts regarding that. You can also go for a manual backup.

Steps to Identify & Fix the Causes of Website being Suspended

Resolving Terms and Conditions Issue

If the website suspended due to copyright issues, use alternative content. There are plenty of royalty-free images, videos, sounds, etc available on the internet. As for text, write your own content or hire someone to do so for you. Straight away copying content can harm the SEO of your website and is also unfair for the original writers.

Resolving Payment Issues

Make the payment as soon as possible to get back your website. Once done, contact and inform the customer support immediately so that your website suspended can be restored at earliest.

Resolving Server and CPU Over Usage Issues

The first thing is to zero out the script, plugin, or theme overusing the resources. This can be done via cPanel. To learn how to do so, follow this article. Thereafter, remove that resource or use an alternative. Sometimes it could also happen due to outdated PHP versions so update to the latest.

Resolving Hacked Account


When the hosting suspended website is due to malware, phishing, or any other malicious activity, the first thing is to find the source of infection. There are a number of ways to do so:

● Sometimes, the hosting provider will inform you of the malicious script or infected page.

● Free online scanners can be used to scan your website and find the cause of infection.

● In case your website has been flagged by Google, visit this Google transparency report page. Thereafter, enter the URL of your site and you can review the infected URLs on your site.


For novice users, malware removal may be tricky. Simply deleting the infected file may not work in many cases as the malware may be hidden at other locations too. It can reinfect the website even after removal. Sometimes, deleting an important file can break the website functionality too. After following the above-mentioned steps, your website will be restored in no time. If still some issue persists then contact the customer support.

Note: When all is done, don’t forget to redirect your domain back to your hosting.

Final Words

Taking care of the following reasons can prevent you a website suspension by host:

1. Violation of Terms and Conditions

2. Plagiarized Content

3. Malware

4. Payment issue

5. Server and CPU overuse

6. Phishing

Besides, if you use a security solution like Astra Security, it will catch the infection even before reaching your website. Even if your website has a weak password, Astra blocks brute force attempts on your website. Moreover, in case of any suspicious logins, it will notify you automatically. Still, got questions? Comment below.

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