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How to make a living plant wall

Every person wants to decorate their living room with something unique to maze their guests. But the real struggle to do something unusual remains with the walls. From a long ago, paintings, wall colors, and wallpapers are being the only option to redefine the walls. However, gone those old days, and it’s time to try something refreshing and green to give an exotic look to your living room walls. The living plant wall reflects peace and calmness with their dark green colors. It can be tried in various forms to give a radiant look this spring. This ongoing trend can be cost-effective and accessible in the walls inside or outside the home. The best thing about this is, it can be crafted into any solid area within large or small space as per your wish. In this article, we will guide you about how to make the wall planters to create a modern and sophisticated look. 

Choose your space

The first step is to choose the solid wall; it can be any corner side, a garden fence, or shed, built straight in your house. Now the next step is to make a customized and movable wooden wall. This allows you to move it from any room to another. Now, when you are done with these, screw up the rows to fill in space in your chosen wall. If possible, choose the waterproof membrane recommended by the experts to avoid preventing damp issues, especially when attaching to your sidewalls. Choose the plants wisely according to the walls in which they can be grown quickly. You can take the help of the local gardener to know the aspects of microclimates. You can have a range of options from grasses, herbs, fruits, vegetables, and much more to create a small garden of yours.

Screw-in the planters

For the next step, you need an electric screwdriver and start attaching the planters from the bottom up. It will lock the planters with each other while maintaining it in a staggered row giving a neat and clean look. However, the ferns and foliage plants need to be tied off and require snipping up of old dry leaves. To maintain the display, you need to feed them with the liquid necessary every week. Give special attention in summers to make it grow to the best of their length.

Get watering

The survival of plants can only be done by watering them, which can be done with watering cans or sprays. You need to do this for two weeks by starting from the top to maintain the greenery and giving a reservoir base. If you are going for plastic plants, these steps can be excluded. Watering depends on the climate, except if you opt for automatic irrigation. You can check the dryness composition of soil by sticking your finger into it. In summers, make sure to water them every 2-3 days.

Green up your wall

Once you are don with planters, it’s time to fill it with your chosen plants. It would be done by removing the selected plants from the pots and planting them into planters. You can also directly place the container into the planter. But make sure that the base of the plant touches the reservoir base. You can also attach the thin thread in the stem of planters and tie or roll them in the screws. The creepers would be the best option here, which can grow towards your given direction. To encourage the blossoms in seasons, you need to deadhead the flowers. This is routine care if you are choosing a flowering plant.


These DIY ideas for wall planters are inexpensive and deliver a beautiful outcome. It would be best if you had some painted cans, clay pots, and wooden planters with other few options which are easily available to you and saves them money. You can do hundreds of customization with these ideas or add-ons like yellow bulbs in the outline of the frame to give a twist in the project. You can experiment with copper pipe planters or paint those with classic colors to provide a more modern look. You need to mix and match these with your space, and that’s all!!

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