The Secret of Buying the Best Evaporative Cooler

Do you know the secret of a comfortable house? Is it the interior design? Or furniture? Both of them are the correct answer. Another important element that most people miss in their effort to create a comfortable living place is the air. Yes, the air is also important. A good-quality, fresh, and healthy air will give you a paradise at your house. How can we get that? It is the evaporative cooler.

What is Evaporative Cooler?

It is a cooler that uses evaporated water. That’s the short answer. But, if you want to know more, it is a tool that uses a fan to let the warm air, flow into it. In the middle of the way where the warm stale air flows, there is a water-moistened pad. The warm stale air that flows through this pad will change. The pad lowers its temperature. Thus, the air that comes out from this tool will have a lower temperature than the room. Then, it creates a cooling effect like when you use the air conditioner.

What are the Benefits?

From our explanation above, you must already know. The evaporative cooler doesn’t use a similar method to lower the air temperature as AC. AC uses a compressor which consumes more energy. The evaporative cooler uses the moisturized pads. In short, it uses water only. It saves more energy. It also means you can save more money for the bills, plus it is good for the environment.

Knowing how good the evaporative cooler is, now you might get interested to get one, don’t you? Let’s move to the main topic of this article, which how to get the best evaporative cooler.

Evaporative Cooler Buying Tips

Here, we have several tips you can use for your reference to buy an evaporative cooler that you like.

  • The Size

The first thing you need to look for is the size. Size does matter in the evaporative cooler world. How? Just imagine that you put the portable small size evaporative cooler for a huge basketball court. It saves more energy, too much energy. But, does it work? Can it cool down that entire room? The answer is no.

Therefore, make sure you look at the size specification carefully. Match it with the room where you are going to use it. The size of the room and the size of the cooler have to be compatible. Otherwise, you won’t get the effect that you want.

  • The Types

It is easy, by the way. There are only two types, residential and commercial types. So, if you plan to use it at home, choose the residential. As for your office, business, stores, and such, choose the other types. Special note for commercial type, you also can choose the indoor and outdoor type in this category. Choose one that is perfect for how you run your business.

  • The Capacity

Next, try to see how much water that evaporative cooler can hold. More water means it can work longer. In case you need it for hours, choose one with a bigger capacity. Generally, the water tank capacity is influenced by the overall size of the cooler. So, a bigger cooler means a bigger capacity. But, if you don’t need a bigger size and only need one enough for your small living room, choose the smaller one. Nowadays, you can find a smaller/compact air cooler with a big tank design. It gives you enough water for hours of usage.

  • The Features

Now, we reach the most important factor to consider when you buy an evaporative cooler, the features. A cooler without cool feature won’t be a good choice. So, find one that has not only a lot of features but also a useful one. Here are several features that we recommend for you.

  • Multiple cooling speeds – you can choose how fast it cools your room down,
  • Digital control – for easy operation and activation of all its menu and features,
  • Remote control – if you are too lazy to move, this one is your best friend,
  • Timer – a good thing for you who are going to use it while you are sleeping, plus it can save more energy,
  • Air filtration – a good feature that removes the allergen and produces healthier air.

In Summary

Easy, isn’t it? To find a good evaporative cooler needs only a simple thing to look for. The key here is matching it with your needs and rooms. Once you can do that, guaranteed, the evaporative cooler you get will improve your house air quality. And, guess what! You can feel the real paradise at your home.

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