Things to consider while writing a professional CV

One of the important questions recruiters hear from clients is, “I have sent you my resume. Can you have a look at it?” Recruiters can facilitate your resume formatting but can’t help if the given details are not proper and confusing. Often, clients understand that recruiters will facilitate them out in building a perfect resume. 

Have you ever thought about why job appliers put so much effort into building their CV? A CV is your first impression of the company. By the time you have shared your CV with the company, the first perception about you is already made by having a look at your resume, though you must know that your resume is only one which helps you in getting shortlisted for the interview, the rest is up to you. Most people don’t know how to write a professional CV. So, let’s have a look at some important things that you should consider while writing a professional CV:

1. Font Size:

Pay attention to your font size while writing your CV. Irregular font sizes don’t give a good impression. It is best to use Times New Roman or Calibri with a font size between 8-10 and black color. A free CV maker can help you to make your perfect professional CV. 

2. Formatting

Even with messy formatting, the best CVs can fall, so your alignment should be correct and clearly define each section. Don’t use color over – white background with black writing is easiest to read, so I would stick to that. And ensure that you’re using a professional font. For a brief detail, you can visit

3. Project Details

Must write about your projects in brief, while mentioning your experience with the skill sets you have worked on, along with your roles and responsibilities. Must include at least 2–3 projects against your skill sets with every institution you have worked on.

4. Personal information

Don’t forget to include your Contact details such as your phone number, professional-looking email id and location would work. Don’t put your full address either should you share your personal information like relationship status, having kids, etc.

5. Confidential Information

Most of the people make a mistake when they reveal their client’s information in the CV. It’s good that you want to highlight the work done, but keep in mind that not to reveal confidential details about your client.

6. Keep it Short

As per studies, hiring persons on an average spend only six seconds in shortlisting the resume. So, try to be concise unless and until you have projects to include in your resume.

7. Your Expertise

Do not forget to Highlight your expertise, the things that you do. Start with the very basics and also cover the big agendas. Remember, unique strokes for unique folks. For more details visit

8. Volunteering Experience

Something is magnetizing concerning volunteer experience that draws recruiters and employers alike. Volunteering experience provides the impression that you are a self-motivated person, a team-player, and someone to get-along with easily.

 Every Industry has different requirements and a resume is to be created based on that only. We hope this article will help you to create a perfect professional CV for you and will easily leave a great impression on your selectors. 

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