Different Types of Cloth Dryers and How to choose best for Home

Dryers have many types like Industrial Dryers, Heat pump dryers, Vented dryers, and Condensing Dryers but here we are specifically talking about Cloth Dryer which we are using at home.

What is a Cloth Dryer?

It’s a metal box that takes wet clothes and leaves them dry and nice, so we can wear them.  Unlike other white goods such as refrigerators and washers, clothes dryers are not afforded a whole lot of consideration in terms of variety or differences between models.  

A Cloth Dryer also referred to as Tumblr dryer, is a household appliance that’s applied to eliminate moisture out of clothing as well as also other fabrics, usually after they’re washed into a washing machine. Otherwise, clothes might also be dried by natural evaporation and, even if available, sun.

Types of Cloth Dryers

Condensing dryers (also called condenser dryers) make use of a heat exchanger to remove moisture out of warm air that has passed through your moist clothing. The water is stored in a tank or drained off, and also the heat (and a little bit of moisture) is thrown outside the room where your dryer is.

Heat-pump dryers work in a closed-loop – air is heated and blown through damp clothes, the air is cooled and water drained off, then air is reheated back again. A small built-in heat pump handles heat and cooling. Just a small amount of moisture is released into the room air.

Gas Dryer Vs. Electric Dryer

A washer-dryer is a combination of a washer and clothes dryer in one appliance. They include an integrated condenser dryer. Just a small amount of moisture is released into the room air. The heat exchanger utilizes water for heating, so water is useful for both drying and washing. Among all 110v Dryer is famous and used widely among small families.

Gas dryers utilize gas to heat the tumbler as well as uses less electricity to fuel the appliance in comparison to standard dryers. Concerning excess weight capacity, expect 4kg to 9kg.

Vented dryers heating up the atmosphere and pass it into the drum. Once the hot atmosphere has become overly moist to dry further, it’s vented out of the drum and then replaced with new, dry air. Most vented dryers range from 3kg to 9kg of power.

A gas dryer will be slightly pricier than its electric counterpart, to the tune of $100 or so. However, that same gas drier can probably pay for itself several times over by being more energy-efficient and more expensive to use.

How to choose a good Dryer for Home?

If you are confused which dryer is best to use at your home then don’t worry just keep the following points in your mind while selecting any dryer:

  • Select the ideal size dryer – to reduce operating costs and get the most useful results for the own clothes you need to select ideas size based on a number of clothes.
  • Find a model that uses an auto-sensing feature – should you use your dryer regularly, to prevent over-drying? This saves electricity and protects your clothes.
  • Simple timer models – If you just use your drier occasionally then they tend to be more economical and should still do the job.
  • Vented dryer models are often the cheapest option above their life cycle – with all the very low-cost price and medium running costs – unless you want to dry more than one load every day on average.
  • Avoid models that cannot be ducted to the outside the moisture released in the clothes would go into your residence, making it damp.
  • Condensing and heat pump models – It’s best if you do not have the alternative of ducting a clothes dryer to outside.
  • That’s since they simply discharge a little bit of moisture into the room air.
  • Washer-dryers – therefore are perfect for compact spaces without room for 2 appliances.  
  • Stackable dryers are designed to be piled on top of a front-loading washing machine of the exact same brand.

So We hope this dryer guide will clear some of your basic doubts and helps you choose a good model based on your needs.

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