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How to Get a Verification Badge on TikTok

TikTok is one of the top communities booming among the masses to generate allocate and watch entertaining short videos. There are many ways to increase or buy TikTok followers to strengthen your account. The importance of TikTok is a popular social media platform is fun-filled, offering various short videos to keep you engaging and pass your leisure time swiftly. 

The popular verification badges on TikTok are mainly observed for the top influencers who have a genuine site and popular account. The official verification criteria are under wraps certain process needs to be studied. These improve the chances of becoming a loyal account and get the certification.  

Do not confuse with the concept of just a verifying account, sinking it with the phone number or mobile number. Access to TikTok includes sending of messages. Adding people and finding friends are part of the process to enjoy live streaming videos. 

What is a Verified Badge?

A TikTok verified badge is confined blue tick mark to the account which belongs to the user and its representation. This appears next to the TikTok user’s account name which the name is searched. The blue tick mark appears next to the profile as well. 

Process of Verification

Step 1

Share the high-quality videos 

Having high-end video shots in a good camera be it phone or DSLR.  To go the extra mile you are obliged to use a tripod to shoot a video. TikTok centers on popular videos. The quality of the videos matters to gain in a good number of followers. 

If the video is of high quality, then it simply stands out to get featured. Your TikTok home page needs to have a good number of videos. You will get the notification if your page works well. The word featured will appear with a specific form that is above the caption of the TikTok.

Step 2

Explore featured videos to see what’s more popular 

Look for whether your videos are consistent? What is the length of it? What are the filming techniques? You need to research on all these points and start using the same on your profile. Under which industry you belong to like entertainment, comedy or friction? 

You need to observe how the users are using techniques to promote the videos using their own content and technically enhance your own. It is easy to find featured content on TikTok’s home page. Tap to the home icon on the main screen to visit the page and then tap “For You” or “Featured”.

Step 3

Aim to entertain your viewers

The crowd in TikTok is mainly drawn towards your page if the videos are fulfilled and much unique from other accounts. Enjoying lively and engaging videos are exciting to get easy followers to drive in your account. Give the musers a lot of reason to come back to your video. Using your artistic skills, upbeat personality and talent, you can push in many videos to the larger limit. 

Step 4

Consistency is crucial

To keep your followers engage with the page videos, you need to schedule posts from time to time. Try to involve in much branding to use the username on the other social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. This drives the followers, to travel, from one social media platform to the other. 

Step 5

Observe and apply trending relevant hashtags

Using the hashtags is fun. You require observing the hashtags to find the right video. Like, if it relates your video to the entertainment you require using all the trending entertainment hashtags to list up your video. Thus the reach of the videos will be higher. Your viral with good content may be viral.

Step 6

Make friends with the other users

The users who belong to the same genre talk to them, comment and follow them to enjoy the mutual benefits. Being social on social media platforms is worth it.  Compliment them, give them credits, and drive the followers to your videos. These marketing tactics help a page to get genuine followers. 

To buy TikTok followers these steps, to be followed wholeheartedly. Authentic, unique, and active are the main points that adhere to the community verification process faster to get you the verified badge. You need to follow the parameters to keep your account genuine and rich in content. 

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