Diamond Jewelry Maintain Tips

It is not advisable to wear diamond ornaments to do heavy work. Avoid a sudden, violent impact, diamonds are hard and wear-resistant, but they can also be damaged and broken if they are hit hard in the direction of their texture. The getnamenecklace personalized Jewelry jewelry should be stored separately to avoid scratching due to friction.
Check the firmness of the diamond promise rings for her regularly. If it is loose, it should be sent to the jewelry store in time for maintenance, and go to the jewelry store regularly for professional maintenance.

Regularly clean and remove oil stains to maintain the original shine of the diamond. Try to avoid using hands to remove dirt on the surface of the diamond. The correct way is to wipe with oil-absorbing cosmetic paper or clean soft paper. If you want your diamond custom name necklace [GNN] jewelry to be more dazzling in the fall, you must insist on regular cleaning, about once every half a month or so. Toss a little suet in the container and mix with some warm water to form a soft paste. Take off your ring, dip a flannelette in some soda and gently wipe it, then rinse the ring with warm water and dry with a flannelette.
Jade jewelry maintenance

In autumn, the jadeite jewelry should be cleaned regularly to prevent the jadeite from losing its luster due to dust. Soak the jadeite in lukewarm water and clean water for 30 minutes, then gently wash the jadeitenecklaces for girlfriend with a soft brush. This will not only clean the dirt on the jade surface, but also “hydrate” it. This cleaning is recommended once a month.

Perfume, hairdressing and other cosmetics that are more commonly encountered in daily life contain certain chemical components, and if these chemical components are not noticed, they will cause erosion of jadeite. Be careful not to let jade infinity bracelet come into contact with chemicals and to avoid damage to the jade. This is something to be aware of at all times, not just in the fall.

Waxing is also a good way to maintain jadeite. Before the jadeite jewelry is sold, it will be professionally polished to add a layer of waxy substance to the surface to keep the water inside the jadeite and increase the luster. If your jadeite has been worn for a long time and lacks clarity, you can wax it regularly.

Don’t store it with gold fingerprint jewelry, silver or platinum jewelry. It needs to be stored in a separate package, because the hardness of jadeite is 6.5, which is much higher than the hardness of gold, silver and platinum. Mixed storage will damage the precious metal.

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