How to write personal essay: Step by Step Guide

Is this the first time when you are planning to create a personal essay as part of your school project? If you really want to understand what exactly a personal essay is, then you better get in touch with some of its common structures first. Regular form of personal essay along with any other kind of paper must have a certain element based format to it. So, learning about the format beforehand can give you a head start on how to write one in here.

Going through the structure:

As it has been mentioned already, essay writing will be an easy start if you know about the structure. Not just the structure but you also have to know what to describe in each part of it.

  • The first point to cover is the introduction. You can easily start with the personal essay that comes with a brief introduction about the topic you want to explore further. Here, it is vital to explore the main story’s goal, along with your personal express on the subject’s outlook. You need to describe what the results readers might get at the end of the essay. This paragraph needs to be closed with one catchy thesis statement. And another sentence must aim at the paper and hook to engage audiences.
  • Then you have the main paragraphs, where the quantity will depend on numbers of issues that you are making plans to discuss. You have to start every paragraph with a topic sentence and then support it with some added details and arguments. If nothing else is indicated, then you better limit the arguments to around 3 to 5, just to prevent making the essay way too long and boring.
  • The third and the final stage happen to be the conclusion paragraph. Here, you need to close essay with summary of everything that you might have discussed in work and even making some future predictions. Make sure to not add way too many information in here and just summarize your thoughts about the topic. This is not the place for you to introduce some new details.

Things to keep in mind:

There are certain points that you better keep in mind if you are literally planning to work on the personal essay right now. Moving away from any of these points won’t work well for you.

  • First of all, the matter you are working with needs to be significant. It is really boring for audiences to read about routine. So, you must choose a topic first which will arouse inner conflict.
  • You need to always start with opening sentence, which will easily intrigue the audience. It can be anything from a quote to a joke, or even any brief situational based introduction that you are about to discuss.
  • You need to have a specific angle of your own, which you need to work out on. Your angle needs to be yours completely. There are times when you might feel tempted to use online samples or work on someone else’s thoughts, but that won’t come out as best interest plan.
  • You need to work hard and more on the characters. If you want the essay to be interesting and informative, you have to thoroughly create your characters first before proceeding further.
  • You need to work on an outline. It is mainly the plan of your future essay, which will allow you to just stick to point and then follow the basic structures. Thanks to such help, there won’t be any way to miss out on the major details. That makes essay work vivid and detailed.
  • Once you have completed working on your essay, don’t forget to read it aloud. With this simple technique in hand, you can always catch up with some weak spots of your creative work and can make the changes before delivering the final call.

Make sure to work out with multiple literary tools for creating a masterpiece. Some of those include metaphors, personifications, repetitions and more. These points are here to help you enrich text and make story way stronger than before. Just get in touch with some of the samples first to get an idea and then apply it on your final product.

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