The Benefits of Using eCommerce Theme and Features by Astra for Boosting Online Business Store and Sales

You must consider several things while developing an eCommerce website. Those things boost the performance of your website and sales. Moreover, you should choose a reputable eCommerce website developer that understands what you need. Astra is one of the leading companies that can help online business owners to develop a great eCommerce website. The information below is the reason why you have to choose Astra to design an eCommerce website as well as features you get from this service.  

A Simple Theme Customization 

Most eCommerce business owners thought that customizing the theme of their online store is complicated. The case is different if they use Astra to customize the theme of their business website. Astra provides users with simple theme customization. You just need to use WordPress Customizer and follow simple instructions. The most interesting part is that you don’t need to deal with complicated code only to customize your WordPress website theme. This is because Astra has a mission to serve a highly customizable theme so you can create a fast and beautiful WooCommerce store along with great features to serve customers well. By using the Astra theme, you can customize content width, number of columns for listing your products, number of products per page, sidebar, add-to-cart option, and many more.

Special Customization Service 

Besides using the free Astra theme, you can also use the Astra pro. Astra Pro offers more features to customize your online store better than before. The features are including a sale bubble, grid and list view style, quick view option, two-step checkout, off-canvas sidebar, and many more. 

Free Starter Templates 

Creating a beautiful eCommerce store that can serve customers well is complicated and takes time. One of the reasons is because you have to deal with the template of the store. Astra is offering a free starter templates plugin. This template plugin is ready to use so you just need to choose the most beautiful template that is suitable for your online store and use it. You can use the template for the individual page or all pages. Because you set the template faster and easier, you can start to sell your products and services immediately and see the positive result after using the template. 

Compatible and Looks Great on All Devices 

Customers use a variety of devices to open their favorite online store or while looking for something. They may use mobile phones, tablets, and desktop. What you have to do is create an online store that is compatible with all devices. As a result, they can take a look at and explore your online store comfortably on any device. By serving an online store that is compatible with all devices, the chance to attract potential customers is bigger. Astra understands the importance of creating a compatible online store to serve customers better. No matter the device they use to check your store, they will get the best view. 

Faster Loading Speed 

The problem of developing an online store is the loading speed. Some of the online stores have a low loading speed. It is not good because customers will leave your store if they have to wait more than 3 seconds. That’s why you have to make sure that your online store has faster loading speed. Choosing a light-weight theme is one of the keys to achieving faster-loading speed. As a result, you can keep and engage customers longer to explore your store. Astra has a lot of suitable themes to cover this need. No matter the theme you apply to your online store, the Astra theme will keep your online store loads fast approximately less than 3 seconds. 

SEO Friendly 

Another important element you should consider is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. An online store that follows SEO can get more potential customers than online stores don’t follow SEO. On the other hand, managing an online store with SEO is also complicated. Instead of managing the website or online store manually, you can use the theme by Astra. This company understands that SEO is important to boost sales including applying SEO to the online store. Because of that, this company wants to help online business owners to set an online store along with SEO-friendly theme. Online business owners don’t have to take a long time or spend a lot of money only to set an SEO-friendly store. You just have to use the theme from Astra and your online store follows SEO rules automatically. By the time you put the theme, search engines will track your online store faster and lead it to your potential customers easier. This is the reason why you can boost your sales after applying the theme by Astra although you don’t do anything else. 

Great Support 

Astra wants to support its clients to achieve their goals faster and easier, especially in developing an online store or website just like what they want. This company gives its full support to the clients by providing help. Let’s say, users can go to the official website and get in-depth articles and video tutorials. Those articles and video tutorials help to explain the way you use the features maximally. If you still need help, just send an email to the customer service and wait for the reply. Moreover, you can also follow Astra’s Facebook Group and get the latest information there. You can join over 10.000 active members to learn how to use services and features by Astra maximally to achieve your goals. 

Competitive Price 

You can upgrade the system and service from a free to the pro service. Astra offers two different packages which are annual pricing and one-time lifetime pricing. The price is competitive and reasonable enough with the services, facilities, and features you will get to develop an online store. For example, you have to spend $59 if you take Astra Pro package with an annual pricing method whereas those who want to take the one-time lifetime pricing, you have to spend $249. The other packages are mini agency bundle, agency bundle, and startup.   

So, if you think that your online store doesn’t give maximal results yet or you have a plan to build an online store, just consider the services by Astra. The information above explains a lot why you should take Astra while developing an eCommerce website. Click right now to set your WordPress eCommerce website and get the interesting deals

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