Beautiful statuses on WhatsApp about Love and Girls

The best statuses for Whatsapp will help inform your girlfriends about changes in your personal life, about your mood, and where and how you relax. You can place a smart, funny, or sad phrase in Whatsapp – think together about the main issues of life because, with friends, you always have something to discuss.

We offer you only the best statuses for Whatsapp – both funny and philosophical: about love, about family, about work, study, relationships with loved ones. Raise yourself and others’ moods, express yourself and your inner world! The best statuses for Whatsapp can be:

  • It is tough when I just put an end to the relationship, and someone close will take and finish two more.
  • If you see a happy person – do not envy. You can’t even imagine how he fought for his happiness.
  • I need to fall in love. Otherwise, spring is not springing at all.
  • A person shows his real face only in a difficult situation.
  • Everything needs to be done for yourself and not for others. The main thing is to earn recognition in your own eyes, and not in front of someone.
  • A true friend will help you even when you don’t ask for it.
  • Someone is afraid to cross borders, but I know that borders do not exist at all.
  • Only the person that makes you cry is valuable. From indifference do not cry
  • Reality always does not look the way you imagine it.
  • If a woman doesn’t cook well, then it’s better to cook everything yourself – both breakfast and an escape plan.
  • I don’t look at anyone. I’m not interested in anyone – because I have You, Beloved!
  • I drink tea without sugar. I’m already sweet.
  • I am a sports girl but running after a man is not my sport.
  • When a man builds a serious relationship, he will roll mountains to keep his beloved woman.
  • The longer you prepare for exams, the more you want to get married to the stove as soon as possible.

People always uniquely love Proverbs and sayings. They still express folk wisdom and wit, which are gradually migrating to the Internet.

Statuses about girls

  • The mat does not decorate the Girl’s speech but makes her requests more understandable.
  • A smart girl kisses, but does not love, listens, but does not believe and leaves before she was gone.
  • You girls want to lose weight and bake pies at the same time.
  • A girl dresses especially carefully when she knows that she will undress.
  • The future of the Girl is not in the hands of her mother.

Beautiful phrases for a girl

  • My darling, dear! I want to admit, without melting – that I know no one better, more desirable, and more beautiful than you!
  • You are a whole universe, so marvelous, always beckoning, unforgettable, and seductive!
  • You are the one I would like to wake up with every morning.
  • You do not need to flatter, because you have all the virtues that exist.
  • Surely you know some secret of beauty and perfection, otherwise how to explain your excellent attractiveness?
  • A modest girl excites more interest in men than a drunken slut.
  • The heart of a young girl is a closed book.
  • If a girl is silent, this does not mean that she has spoken. It means that you said too much.
  • Three degrees of “Mu” growing up girls: Cartoons, Music, Men.
  • The Girl’s strength is that when she sucks, she looks great!

Phrases for dating a girl on the Internet

  • Girl, just your appearance here made my morning pleasant.
  • Hey. I agree
  • And what are you doing tonight after our date?
  • Hello! I’ve been looking for you for a long time, but you are here!
  • Beautiful Girl. I like it. Write your number. Meet me in a more convenient place for communication.
  • Finally, I saw a real angel 
  • Does your mom need a son-in-law? … Well, what to do? Then let’s sign it until we are, and so we will live.
  • Let me take you home. At least a look.
  • You have the most beautiful place, dirty.

Phrases for dating a girl

  • You could not smile. Otherwise, the street is dark.
  • Girl, can you help me find my pulse?
  • Don’t you have any strings to establish our friendship right here?
  • Good afternoon, I have a great job – going to the movies, a restaurant – to choose from. Do you want to respond?
  • Hello! And you do not remember me. I was your neighbor. You do not retain, well, that’s right, I was joking, and we haven’t yet lived nearby. But, everything may still be ahead of us.

Quotes about a boy and a girl

  • A serious relationship is when a guy sees a pretty and stylish girl in a store or on the street, looks at her, sounds… and thinks: “My girl should buy the same hat.”
  • Nowadays, if a guy made a candlelight dinner for his girlfriend, it was only because they turned off the light!
  • With a man, it should be good. I can live myself badly.
  • When a girl starts a conversation with the words, “You are a perfect guy …, you can collect things.

Cool statuses about beautiful girls

  • You can fall in love with a girl, you can love a girl, but for a girl to love, you need to earn it.
  • Beauty is only a promise of happiness.
  • Blondes are not stupid, but cute. Brunettes are not bitched but strong. Brown-haired women are not strange but unusual! And as you were goats, you will remain!
  • Do not confuse brightness with vulgarity, but eccentricity with rudeness.
  • To everyone, my back is straight. I do not notice oblique views. I choose smooth roads. I carry valuable lessons. I appreciate and respect my beauty and hate oblique views.

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