How to create an Instagram business account and get followers

Instagram is not only about latte art, and it is also not only about posting the pictures. It has a rich repository holding more than a billion users, and this repository is growing up. The real Instagram followers have under 30, or the blowing teenagers as the potent crowd, which constitutes more than 60%. The more interesting part is that B2C brands are making a good going over Instagram. There are the real Instagram followers who are always attracted to the images of a beautiful car, or a delicious meal, or an official gadget. The manner in which a visual engagement is carried out, helps in connecting the consumers with prospective buyers. 

There are a variety of legitimate methods in which the businesses can increase the followers on your Instagram business account: 


Give the Boost to Your Instagram Account on Other Social Networks – There is a rich source of followers available on other social media platforms, and you can always approach those followers and let them know that you have started with a new Instagram account. As a B2B or B2C business owner, you should have some kind of buyer engagement. You need to link your Instagram business account to Facebook, such that when you post the pictures on your Instagram business account, those pictures will show up your Facebook page as well. In this way, the prospective buyers or the end-users relevant to your business will have a fair idea about what is going inside your business.  


Appropriate Use of Hashtags – Instagram, like Facebook and Twitter is driven by Hashtags, and if you are appropriately using these Hashtags, the objective of increasing your business comes out amazingly well. Your posts will become quickly discoverable to the real Instagram followers, and this is a fruitful way to get indulged in your business. 

For a good reason, you need to double-check the meaning and relevancy of hashtag and measure it in terms of your brand identity. It is also significant that your brand is already having a feature story. If this is not the case, then gaining more followers from your new Instagram account does not make any sense.  


Keep Monitoring the Hashtags – If you are not keeping an eye on the Hashtags relevant to your niche, you are not going to end up leading to high-quality traffic. Since Instagram is the niche place where commenting happens regularly unlike the other types of platforms, the level of engagement is quite high. But with incorrect Hashtagging, you cannot take the full importance of your new business account. In case you are conducting the local business, make sure that the hashtags you eventually choose have a geo-targeting. If the geo-targeting is absent there is not going to be any other say, and your business account will not have any profitable outcome. 


Spruce Up with Innovative Video Content – Video content is quite a hype and grow its popularity charts on Facebook and Twitter, and this should not be side-lined or ignored in the context of Instagram. Statistics show that the popularity of videos is continuously increased on Instagram and as the result of which the engagement is also improving. Implementing videos with business and social relevance is what drives the business on Instagram. 

You can always choose to post the pre-recorded videos intermittently, and you always need to look for the Instagram live videos. The importance and authenticity of videos can never be side-lined. There may be an occasion where the popularity chart of grainy smartphone footage is going to be an overwhelmingly hit in comparison to the professional video. 


Brand Page Requires Optimization – The Instagram brand page is the face of your company, and you should be active out here. You can link this brand image directly to your website. Similarly, you need to create a landing page for Instagram users as this is even more effective for your business account. 

Think of these promising methods to increase the followers to your business account. Following these methodologies will help you to increase the real Instagram followers to your newly created business account on Instagram. 

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