If you are a beach person, then you probably look forward to summer fun all year long. The energy emanating from the sun overwhelms everyone with its warmth. Many enjoy the sunshine playing lawn twisters, badminton and volleyball. But if summer can invoke feelings of relaxation, then it can also act rough and get brutal at times. Summer always comes up with its set of challenges for your skin. 

Whenever you step out of your home and meet the sunshine, then the heat, pollution, and humidity get into play to activate your oil glands. This leads to itchiness, redness, and sunburn, and even premature aging. The ultraviolet rays cause various forms of skin cancer. 

To protect your skin from these harmful rays and to glow up once again, you can always apply skincare creams and moisturizers. Skincare specialists recommend the use of products such as pro-oil moisturizer and DNA repair cream as they help to hydrate and improve your skin tone and keep it moisturized. 

To continue to take good care of your skin this summer, keep reading. 


Just get rid of your last summer half-used sunscreen and get yourself a new one. Avoid the sun in its most intense hours as that’s when it produces the most harmful radiation. Ideally, you should apply sunscreen every two hours when you are out in the open. Apply one ounce of sunscreen to your entire body including your face. Pay special attention to the sensitive areas, such as your neck and ears as that’s where pigmentation spots can form and cause skin issues. 

You may use an SPF [sun protection factor] 30 and 70 for better results, especially when you are in for a swim or are experiencing excessive sweating. Wearing sunscreen isn’t the only protection that you need; carrying an umbrella always helps too. You can also choose to cover up exposed areas of your body and use a hat. Trying applying a sunscreen 30 minutes before leaving the house to ensure a summer full of fun. 


Remember to rinse away all the dirt, dead skin and pimples. Your body sheds skin cells rapidly every day. Get rid of the dead skin cells or they’ll just set in on your skin and turn it dry and dull. Exfoliate your skin to have a glow and keep it fresh. Exfoliation hydrates your skin and prevents dark spots that form due to pollution and dirt. In the summer, heat damages your skin before you even know it. So, grab a body scrub and jump in the shower. Clean and scrub your body gently in a circular motion and rinse off all the dark and dead cells from your skin. Scrub your body twice a week to make your skin look beautiful and grime-free. For a strong and healthy skin complexion, go for natural exfoliators and always apply toner or moisturiser afterward.


During the hot summer days, drinking seven to eight glasses of water is a must. Water does only freshen up your skin but also fights heat pollution and dehydration. The more you sweat, the more your body needs water. Drinking more and more water helps blood to circulate and transport nutrients to your body cells and leave a good effect on your skin. It also eliminates impurities and toxins.


Tanning beds should be avoided in the summers at all costs as it produces harmful rays, which can lead to skin damage and cause various forms of skin cancer. To gain a healthy tanned look, go for sunless tanners, such as lotions, creams or sprays. It is a good idea to coat your skin with a color that makes it look as if you got it tanned on the beach from last weekend. And definitely, avoid products that do not protect against sunburn. 


It is important to keep your hygiene up to date as it tackles the heat and keeps your body fresh. Washing your clothes regularly and taking a bath twice a day helps in maintaining hygiene. Including some neem tree leaves in your shower moisturizes your skin, removes pigmentations and heals the scars due to its antifungal properties. Taking a bath after and rinse all the chlorine off your body.


Apply a moisturizer on your skin right after taking a shower or exfoliation. It is important for your skin in the summers because the heat can dehydrate your skin and turn it oily. When the skin becomes dehydrated, the body produces sebum to protect against the drying out. If your skin is oily, then consider switching to a lightweight moisturizer or a non-comedogenic cream. If you plan to skip the moisturizer in the daytime for an SPF cream, don’t forget to apply the former overnight.


Makeup is fun. But in summers, the heat and humid air can make it smudge and your mood cranky. In the summers, your skin needs to breathe which it cannot if you are wearing a lot of makeup. Remember that your skin can turn extra oily even when it is not sweating. As a result, all your makeup can look greasy and unhygienic. In conclusion, it’s just that your makeup can never last for long during the summers. Your natural look proves to be the best in this hot, intolerant season.


The lips always need extra care all year round, but especially in summers, they need special attention because they lose their natural glands. Protect your lips from exposure to the harmful UV rays and heat. Your lips can also feel dry and chapped after remaining in an air-conditioned room for hours. Protect your lips from the sun, and scrub them before applying the color. Another question is, can lips be exfoliated or moisturized? Well, the answer is yes. You can also apply a lip balm to keep the lips smooth and luscious. Your lips are a very sensitive area of your skin; moisturizing them overnight can help to reduce dead cells and keep them moisturized while you are asleep. Avoid petroleum jelly or baby oil when you are walking in the sun.


Weekend vibes in the summers can take your excitement to a whole new level. All the thrilling adventures and stirring beach trips can be fun, but can also lead to sunburn. You can still be bumped out and tanned even if you bring your SPF along. But there’s nothing to worry about; just grab an aloe vera as it is a natural remedy against the sunburn. It is an antioxidant agent and contains lidocaine, which helps relieve pain. It also provides moisture to your skin and heals it quickly.


Change your diet accordingly in the summers. Summer means a lot of outdoor fun and lots of sweating. This causes your body to run out of the water and be dehydrated in no time. For a good healthy diet, eat in-season fruits, such as oranges, tomatoes, watermelon and berries, strawberries, green leaves, avocados, etc. Make a habit of regularly eating yogurt to keep your body hydrated and at good temperatures. 


Protect your skin in the summers from UV light and apply an SPF 30 cream before leaving your house. Keep your skin moisturized and drink at least eight glasses of water daily to keep it hydrated. Water also helps in your blood circulation and enhances your complexion. Eat well and ensure the intake of all seasonal fruits and vegetables to provide yourself with the nutrients. Exfoliate your skin on a daily basis. Avoid frequent makeup in the summers as this can lead to dark spots and unwanted shine. Always keep a sunscreen along and don’t forget to apply it on your skin every two hours.

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