Here’s What Industry Insiders Say About Kratom

When kratom first hit the western market, no one would predict that it would create a strong impact on the lives of many people. At the same time, little was known about the herbal supplement and its effects. However, years later. Extensive research has been done on kratom. Leading manufacturers praise that this herbal supplement has made a solid breakthrough in the medical world. A good number of users are also concurring with manufacturers saying that it is one of the best supplements they have ever come across. Critics also have something to say about kratom. They are firmly against the widespread use of the herb.

Due to all these issues revolving around kratom use, we have decided to lay out what industry insiders say about kratom. We are going to cover the manufacturer’s opinion as well as the opinions of users and the general public.

The Safety of Kratom

When looking at what industry insiders have to say about kratom, it is only right that we start with the hottest topic that has been debated for so long – the safety of kratom. Before it started its legal struggle, kratom was considered a herbal supplement like any other. There were no restrictions regarding its sale, and you could find it in leading e-commerce sites.

However, from 2014 going forward, FDA started looking into kratom. In September 2014, US Marshalls seized more than 25,000 pounds of kratom under the orders of the FDA. This is when the long struggle of kratom and the FDA started. According to the FDA, any substance that affects mood change can be considered addictive. Therefore, this was reason enough for them to look into the herb.

Despite the legal struggle of kratom it remains to be legal in most states here in the US. This is because the herb has proven to have healing capabilities. Kratom enthusiasts refer to it as heaven-sent because it can help alleviate symptoms of chronic pain, anxiety and depression amongst others. Scientific research also indicates the herb shows no addictive properties, and it is safe for consumption.

Nonetheless, experts argue that kratom should be used wisely. Yes, it might have several health benefits. But it shouldn’t be used extensively. The herb should only be used for treatment and not recreation. Industry insiders also warn the public to be aware of corporate greed. It is disappointing to see how some companies would want to take advantage of sick patients. As a consumer, you should run background research on a kratom vendor before buying from them. This will ensure that you consume quality and lab-approved supplements.

The Mainstream Media Perception of Kratom

The mainstream media has pretty much sat on the line in between the fight against kratom and the FDA. This is mostly because the arguments posed by both sides are equally convincing. The FDA believes that kratom should be listed as a Schedule I drug. However, the number of people who proudly agree on the benefits of kratom are many. And, they are backed up by manufacturers.

Several programmes have brought on-air testimonials of kratom users who have received pain-relief and other complications. The media has also played its part in sensitizing the public against low-quality kratom.

What Manufacturers have to Say

Different manufacturers have stood up to back up the use of kratom. Most of these companies explain that kratom is the next big thing in plant-based medicine. Unlike in the pharmaceutical industry that has been infiltrated by malicious individuals that are keen on thriving from sick people. The kratom industry is still new and heavily regulated. As a result, most manufacturers are genuine, reputable and would like to make a difference in the world.

This, however, doesn’t give them a badge of honour. Consumers should be mindful of where they get their kratom.

Consumers Opinion Regarding Kratom

The positive comments regarding kratom outweigh what the critics have to say. This herb has been received with open arms by consumers. Unlike medical marijuana that had some history with the community. Kratom is an exceptional supplement that continues to offer relief to many people.

It is being used for pain management, treatment of anxiety and depression, amongst others. Thanks to scientific advancements of the herb, it can be found in powder or capsule form. Making it easier for users to consume it without having to endure the sour taste. This, alone, has made its popularity increase drastically.

Kratom, A Promising Treatment for Opioid Addiction

The opioid crisis has become a menace to the modern-day world. However, kratom appears to be a promising treatment for opioid addiction. It started being used to treat opioids back in the 17th century in Southeast Asia. And now that scientists have been able to isolate strains for different treatments. With the right kratom strain, one can fight the side effects of opioid detoxification.

Contrary to what critics have to say, kratom doesn’t have any addictive features, and it is not an opioid itself. As a matter of fact, it falls under the coffee family. However, its active molecules bind to the neural receptors the same way opioids do. As a result, a person doesn’t have to continue taking opioids.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot that is being said about kratom out there. It is both positive and negative. There are a bunch of critics that are against the use of kratom. Kratom manufacturers, however, respond to these critics saying that pharmaceutical companies are against the use of plant-based medicine so that they can continue making profits. On the other hand, consumers are in love with kratom and appreciate the health benefits offered by the supplement.

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