How Social Media Can Be Used to Help You Live Market Your Event

Every good event planner knows how important social media can be in the marketing of their events but if you’re not considering how effective it is in the live element, you may be missing out. 

One of the reasons social media is so exciting is that provides a way for users to stay in touch in real time. After all, posts go on platforms instantly so you can update friends and family on your activities as soon as they happen. 

Add to this the fact that most platforms have live features that allow you to tape events you are attending, and it is obvious that social media goes hand in hand with sharing the excitement of your events with others. 

Determining how to optimize social media so it best provides a live experience to viewers should begin early on in the planning process. Let’s start by looking at the steps you should be taking from the very beginning to the very end. 

In the Beginning

Start by thinking of shareable elements you can add to your event. Great food, great entertainment, a talented live band and interactive activities are all elements your guests will want to capture on camera. 

Social listening should also be considered. Tools like Social Mention, Hootsuite and Icerocket can be used to create a dialogue with consumers that will keep them excited about your event. You can host contests and pose questions that will help you customize experiences that are right for them.

You will want to consider your target audience and what platforms they are likely to be on. Then concentrate on those platforms when it comes to the marketing of your event. 

Influencers are also a powerful force when it comes to social media marketing. Send press releases, offer free admission and send relevant products to get them excited about the event. If you are lucky, they will respond by sharing the event on their own social media outlets.

During the Event

Once the event takes place, you will want to continue using elements of social media marketing to build excitement. This will help promote your cause as well as your skills as an event planner. 

Creating a hashtag that is clearly displayed at your event will encourage people to use this hashtag when they post pictures and video. 

One tactic is to provide a photo booth where the appropriate hashtag is automatically included when the photos are added to social media. 

You can further encourage the use of hashtags by hosting contests in which people that use the hashtag to promote the event are automatically entered. A winner can be chosen at random.

After the Event

Once the event is over, you want guests to remain engaged to keep the excitement of the event alive and further promote your services. You can do this by starting conversations to get feedback about your event. 

Not only will this keep people interested, it will let them know you care about their opinions and it will help you finetune your event planning process to improve it in the future. 

You can further encourage guests to stay engaged by hosting contests that users can enter into by providing feedback and continuing to post images of your event. 

It goes without saying that social media plays a major role in event marketing, but it’s important to consider its live element to keep things fresh and exciting. How will you be using social media to take your events to the next level?  

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