Tall and Beautiful Indoor Plants with Big Leaf for Home Decor

Decorating the home with high-end interiors and all is good but if there is something that can exude the calmness and soothing effect and adds to the feeling of foliage to the house is nothing but the addition of an indoor plant. These indoor plants, especially the larger ones, not only add life to the home but also help in making a bold and sustainable statement with your interiors. Here are some of the most promising tall indoor plants to add to your home. The Architecture Designs have ideas for gardening, home improvement,home Decoration and more…

 Fiddle Leaf Fig: Fiddle Leaf fig is in trend even after years of being the most sought after because of the iconic leaves, dainty veins, and deep green foliage. The leaves of this plant are a refined addition to the home décor because of its capacity to grow for about ten feet when given moderate sunlight and watering.

Rubber Plant: Rubber plant is one of the plants that beautify the home without demanding much in return. The rubber plant is easy to grow plant with long and glossy leaves. These plants grace the room and are one of the highest growing indoor plants when displayed at the brighter spot and it does not need much care just some indirect bright light and coddling.

Bird of Paradise: This heavyweight tropical plant is popular for its beautiful leaves and ability to grow around six feet with the huge leaves that grow about three feet and can naturally split as they mature. This plant needs direct sunlight and high humidity and a little extra care can bless you with blue and orange flowers. 

Dracaena (Dragon Tree):  This plant adds something extra or some large personality to any place with its ability to grow up to ten feet and long strappy green and red variegated leaves. This plant is tolerant of all the indoor conditions which include relatively low light and a little amount of care.

Norfolk Island pine: This tropical plant comes with soft delicate needles and can get quite tall. This plant requires medium to high sunlight, high humidity and constant care with daily mist as they are not tolerant of an indoor environment. This is not a true pine but often resembles the Christmas tree.

Money Tree: It is believed that the money tree doesn’t only keep the home green but the wallet too! The trunks of this are twisted and braided before they get hard and add greenery to the home with the ability to grow six to seven feet tall when grown as an indoor plant. These plants need moderate humidity and light.

African milk Tree: African milk tree can grow up to eight feet tall when kept open to warm, indirect bright light. This tree looks like a cactus with the stalks and spikes and small leaves. This plant is highly recommended when you want to give the home the dessert-like vibe. You can also cut the tall portions and grow new plants from them easily.

Umbrella Plant: If you want an eight to ten feet indoor plant, the umbrella plant is one of the best options because of its lush green leaves and pretty foliage. The dropping leaflets around the central stem make it look no less than some beautiful green flowers. Try rotating the plant occasionally to have the leaves grow evenly on all sides.

Yucca: Yucca plant is known to be grown both indoors and outdoors and besides its use for air filtration these plants can also be used to add dessert-like vibe to the house. This plant can grow in extreme indoor conditions and can easily survive even without water for several weeks.

Monstera: Monstera plant is famous among the indoor plants because of its trendy and attractive heart-shaped leaves that can grow up to two feet. This plant grows out well and requires enough space and when given space it acts as the perfect accent piece for your home. This plant can grow up to eight feet when given bright indirect light and lots of humidity.This is the one of the best indoor plant with large leaves for small space of house.

Parlor Palm: In a natural habitat, this slow-growing dwarf plant can be grown up to six to ten feet tall when exposed to bright indirect light and gives tiny yellow colors. These plants work best when given proper temperature but are sensitive to overwatering and are grown in small clumps to resemble palm-like shrubs.

Olive Trees: Olive plants depict a more sophisticated old-world tree and are perfect for modern interiors and are capable of growing up to six feet when given proper sunlight and humidity.  These plants are trending and add to the beauty of the interiors.  

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