3 Must Have Lip Care Products In Your Makeup Kit

Lip Care Products

All women are pretty without makeup but with right makeup they are happy and feel in the seventh wonder of world. Whether you get ready for yourself or engage a makeup artist you should carry yourself in such a way that you appear outstanding in the crowd. Every girl wants to change her look by choosing different colours and styles. A woman feels incomplete without make up and make up is incomplete without a lipstick and lipliner pencil. These products make her look glamorous, ravishing and attractive.


There is a plenty range of lipliners of different brands available in different colours. It is a cosmetic product which is meant to fill in uneven areas on the outer edges of lips before applying lipstick. They keep the lips look fuller and lipstick long lasting. They give shape and balance to lips and keep them soft and shaped all day long. They make us long gorgeous and sexy. Lipstick looks incomplete without a lip liner pencil. Want to make your lipstick pop ? Apply a lip liner before applying lipstick. Vibrant and exciting collection is available in market. Some of its benefits are :

  • Flawless and matte finish
  • Well hydrated
  • Precise and long lasting
  • Ensures sculpted look
  • Prevents smudging of lipcolour.


They are cosmetic products which apply colour and texture to lips containing pigments, oils, waxes and emollients. Available in smooth and glossy textures, variety of shades are available. Matte lipsticks are infused with moisture to give a long lasting look. It adds glamour to your face. It is one of the basic parts of makeup. You can also mix two shades to create a new hue. Its benefits are:

  • Ultra lightweight
  • HD lipcolors  are also available
  • Creamy application
  • Skin friendly ingredients
  • Enriched with Vitamin E

Lip gloss:

It is used as a first step of makeup. It would give a shimmering look to your lips even if you haven’t applied make up on face. It can be paired with a lipstick and give it extra glow and shine. If you carry it alone it will provide hi- shine. Set of lip gloss is available with multiple shades. It is the favourite of school going and college girls. So what are you waiting for? Apply them and pose for selfies. Its features are as follows:

  • Long lasting
  • Gives a glossy shine
  • Free of preservatives
  • It gives volume to lips
  • Moisturizing

All these MyGlamm beauty products available in Manish Malhotra, K. Play and Lit collection add a feather in a cap of women’s beauty. They make us look stunning and protect us from damage caused by harmful rays of sun. Women love to be praised and when they get ready with makeup on they want that one and all should admire them. It also lets us to express our gratitude towards others who have invited us for a occasion or a party. An attractive woman can be in anybody’s heart.  Other than the purpose of attractiveness it also enhances our ability to form new relationships and enhance our personality.

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