In This Post, we are going to discuss the Refrigerator buying guide. I am sure that you will be able to buy a perfect refrigerator for yourself or you can help your friends and family members too with this buying guide.

Let’s talk about what you should know before you buy any refrigerator-

1 – Budget

You need to have a budget so that you can look into stuff that is in your budget.

2 – Dimensions of the area

The second thing that you have to remember when buying a refrigerator is Dimensions of the area where you are going to keep this refrigerator.

If You have these two things you can go ahead. Before I talk about the types of refrigerator let me talk about Defrost Type.

There are 2 types of Defrost that are Direct cool and Frost free.

Direct cool refrigerators (Manual) use natural Convection for the cooling refrigerator but Defrost refrigerators (Auto) use the electric fan for cooling.

Types of Refrigerators

1 – Single Door Refrigerator

Single door refrigerator is a direct cool type refrigerator majority of times so keep it in mind and check if it is direct cool or Defrost type. These types of refrigerators are good for one or two people. If you don’t store a lot of stuff in the refrigerator then you can go with a single door refrigerator.

2 – Double Door Refrigerator

Double Door Refrigerators are very common in India. It has got a freezer at the top and refrigerator at the bottom but nowadays you find double door refrigerators in which the freezer is at the bottom and the refrigerator is on the top which is good because in India we don’t store a lot of stuff in the freezer. We store much stuff in the refrigerator so that’s good because you won’t have to bend every time to get stuff out of your refrigerator.

3 – Triple Door Refrigerator

If your family is big then the Triple Door Refrigerator is perfect for you. In this fridge, you can get tray at the bottom where you can keep on your vegetables and stuff.

4 – Side by Side Refrigerator

This type of refrigerator is quite huge and you can store a lot of things in this refrigerator and this type of refrigerator is good if you have 7-8 people or more in your family.

Now once you decide what type of refrigerator you want you to need to decide the liter capacity. It totally depends on family to family and your usage. Some family doesn’t prefer to keep all the staff in the refrigerator so they can go with a single door refrigerator.

For Example-

If there are 2 people in your family then you can select a range from 150 liters to 250 liters.

If there are 3 to 4 members in your family then you should definitely go for 250-500 liter capacity refrigerator.

If you have more than 5 members in your family then definitely go for 500+ liter capacity refrigerator.

But remember it totally depends on you so you decide what kind of refrigerator you want as per your family size and requirement.

Star Rating

Another important thing to remember before buying a refrigerator is Star Rating. Star Rating is very important when it comes to the refrigerator because the refrigerator is something that you stay on for 24 by 7 into 365 days. So if you are buying one or two-star rated refrigerator then it will consume more electricity and will have to pay more in terms of electricity bill. But if you buy a 4 or 5 stars rated refrigerator then it will consume less energy or less electricity and you will save money, that’s why I would suggest going with 4 or 5 stars rated refrigerator. One more thing if you want to save more money then you can also go with inverter refrigerator.

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